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  1. Pickles

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  2. Pickles

    happy birthday musica!

    happy birthday musica!
  3. Pickles

    The Annie Patch: Changes and Beta Discussion

    there are a couple things i'd like but the only thing i really feel strongly about is normalizing painwheel's point i am so tired of turning around for no reason please god
  4. Pickles


  5. Pickles

    Skullgirls Tour Season 2

    i think in the interest of maintaining skullgirls online competitive integrity, skullgirls tour points for online events should only be awarded to player 1 side. there should also be mad pot bonuses for maxout. this message sponsored by fuzzy_snugs
  6. Pickles

    Skullgirls Match Critique

    no proof
  7. Pickles

    Focusing Community Turnout at SG Tourney Events

    I'm not SoCal of course, but like midiman said Valle seems to think very little of SG and I dont think there's any real hope at this point of SG being treated with any sort of decency at any of his events. I like the idea of a "super-Salty" but idk how the logistics of that would work out. As...
  8. Pickles

    Don't Tech: Surviving as a Solo in the New Patch

    i dont recall it being streamed so there probably isn't video anywhere unfortunately there is decent amounts of footage of sonic playing solo fukua vs sage when her shadow etc. changes were still in the beta, i dont know of any with the final version of fukua though. (ironically i dont think...
  9. Pickles

    Skullgirls Team Building Thread

    m is significantly better for bella cause it gives dynamo/diamond drop conversions and it used to at least make battle butt safe (i didn't think it still did with the nerf to assist BE blockstun but sonic still does battle butt + extend so idk). L might be better for peacock but arguably not...
  10. Pickles

    Full Undizzy Sequences - Community Poll.

    ^ to expand on this a little bit I didn't notice any real damage difference but in testing I did find damage discrepancies at max undizzy for double car between retail and beta. (didn't test eliza stuff cause i dont play her). I'm more curious as to WHY what i found happens, happens: so in...
  11. Pickles

    Full Undizzy Sequences - Community Poll.

    this is just nitpicking but 4th hit is 87.5%, you would want j.hp to be the 5th hit, everything else you said is a good point though
  12. Pickles

    Full Undizzy Sequences - Community Poll.

    after playing with the changes a bit, I am especially against the "When Undizzy is at 240+, the bar waits for 12f after recovery from hitstun/blockstun before starting to decrease" change. Makes it way too difficult to pressure the opponent at all if you hit max undizzy, and if you reset after...
  13. Pickles

    USA New England thread - Not UK

    i was checking the fb page to see when the feb monthly was, and I saw the next scheduled FG event was on mar 4, which would put it a little over a month from the last one but with the march one so early in the month after the january one was so late in the month, it does imply to me there might...
  14. Pickles

    Skullgirls Team Building Thread

    nowadays most people run a 3rd character along with those chars but the duo is a fine team, as far as people playing strictly the duo winnie is the first person who comes to mind but he doesn't play much anymore. he played L bomber for the duo but most people use M bomber (in a trio). personally...
  15. Pickles

    Skullgirls Team Building Thread

    beo/fukua/eliza would probably be my vote and i'd use spiral for eliza and h drill for fukua because i dont think beo/fukua can build the meter that you need to have butchers on your team, but that's just IMO. eliza is a good anchor because she doesn't need assists and you can use meter on...
  16. Pickles

    Filia Encore Combos

    this video is from the bnb compendium if you haven't seen it: he seems like he delays the j.mk a bit longer than you need to but maybe seeing this will help? idk
  17. Pickles

    A Pasta Trying To Git Gud

    gregor is basically the way to do it yeah. though tbh it's much more common to see ringlet spike used for that purpose since it can have longer range in the case of H ringlet, as well as low profiling many common projectiles. H ringlet -> gregor is a really strong tool in parasoul and BB...
  18. Pickles

    A Pasta Trying To Git Gud

    something i want to point out about filia c.mk: for the most part what peanuts and icky said was right: c.mk scales your combo HORRIBLY on hit, it's extremely vulnerable to pbgc, and even without pbgc it's unsafe as hell on its own. however, filia c.lk pushes the opponent away on hit/block, and...