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  1. shuckle

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    I know this is stupid but is anyone else annoyed at how much Umbrella references salt? Yeah it's a meme but she has way too many lines going "lol salty"
  2. shuckle

    Merry Christmas, Musica!

    Merry Christmas, Musica!
  3. shuckle

    [Untagged Spoilers Allowed Here] The Spoiler Discussion Thread (for Black Dahlia's story and onwards)

    Why was this story mode like 3 hours long I swear the other stories were way shorter
  4. shuckle

    Thank you musica!!!

    Thank you musica!!!
  5. shuckle

    (Updated August 25) We Will [Maybe] Return! Squigly Wishlist Thread

    request for sqigy to stop falling out of my FUCK IGN COMBO S
  6. shuckle

    Who do you think DLC characters 3 and 4 will be?

    Third slot will be Dahlia because I want it to be I'd love for Brain Drain to be the fourth slot. He's got a pretty nifty design and he's not a complete nobody in the SG universe like the bee chick or Minette.
  7. shuckle

    Feature Suggestion's

    I didn't read all this but my guess on having separate damage and health modifiers is something to do with red life healing.
  8. shuckle

    Cerebella General

    Might as well put this on the forum. It's something I've continously been asking since it was changed, but never received an answer for. What was the problem Bella players had with the beta jLP buffer experiment? For some reason certain Bella players were saying how it "felt worse" or...
  9. shuckle

    What do you think about solos?

    I've seen a lot of hate toward them scattered around Twitter/Discord and not much love. I've seen more than once that snap healing should be nerfed in some way, like make it heal over time instead of instant. I always thought solos were interesting, there's no safe DHCs, there's no "call...
  10. shuckle

    Quality of Life Changes Suggestion Thread

    Not sure if this should go here, didn't see a place for feature suggestions. If a dummy is set to block After First Hit, they should continue blocking after a burst until they touch the ground. Currently, dummies don't bother blocking after they burst. There's some training mode oddities with...
  11. shuckle

    I think I've found the absolute worst Cerebella double snap there is, but I was hoping you might...

    I think I've found the absolute worst Cerebella double snap there is, but I was hoping you might know of a worse one. sLP cMK > jLPx3 jHK(land) In 3v2 it will take 229 hits to kill Big Band and will give the opponent like 4 bars of meter. https://streamable.com/a9cym You can actually do jLPx2...
  12. shuckle

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    I should just run everything I find by you before posting it.
  13. shuckle

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    It might not be important, but this is a thing. Pummel Horse after Devil Horns usually gives Battle Butt?
  14. shuckle

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    Just nitpicking. If you're bringing up midscreen then cMK f+HP Cerecopter doesn't work either, it only works in the corner and it does hella damage. But other enders work just fine, so if there's more important things to iron out then it's really not gamebreaking, just a minor inconvenience.
  15. shuckle

    First fighting game, oh boy.

    I've played Skullgirls for 699 hours. I've learned a lot. I've got a lot to learn. I've spent 699 hours thinking I was unable to input certain combinations of buttons because of the ghosting on my laptop keyboard. In 699 hours not once did I change my button layout. I just moved my attack...
  16. shuckle

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    The Cerecopter > Dynamo thing that @Swiftfox-Dash was talking about. I don't know if it's worth anything though, you could just avoid it by delaying Dynamo slightly
  17. shuckle

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    Did anyone have an opinion on combo length before Mike brought it up? I find it interesting that so many people are open to such major change this far into the game. I don't want to give my opinion on 150 Undizzy since I suck at the game.
  18. shuckle

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    I was joking about the buffer thing. Devil Horns shenanigans are 100% style and it makes no difference to Bella players either way. There's more important stuff to argue about. I should have said "easier" instead of "practical". Give me easier Devil Horns loops.