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  1. WayForger

    Fighting games are great. Always strive to improve.

    Fighting games are great. Always strive to improve.
  2. WayForger

    The PS4 community is active and always looking for more players. Apologies for not seeing this...

    The PS4 community is active and always looking for more players. Apologies for not seeing this until now.
  3. WayForger


    Moved to Off-topic. This thread is not Lore related and I felt it fit better in the MadMan's Cafe.
  4. WayForger

    Thanks musica!

    Thanks musica!
  5. WayForger

    Tekken Thread? Sure, Why Not.

    I find the character customization options in T7 to be a lot more lackluster than I was hoping. I'm going to have to query Bandai Namco about giving my man Feng a proper suit. I want to look good beating ass.
  6. WayForger

    Valentine General Discussion / Social Thread!

    I usually end my strings in H dead cross to keep myself safe.
  7. WayForger

    PS3 PSN Matchmaking Thread

    I do but I don't use it often.
  8. WayForger

    PS3 PSN Matchmaking Thread

    PSN: Wayforger I'd really be thankful if anyone would like to go a few matches in SG with me. I've gone back and forth on getting back into the game and would appreciate some people to play with now that lobbies are out. Feel free to shoot me a friend request on PSN (all I ask is you let me...
  9. WayForger

    General Beginner Q&A Thread!

    Most players go by the tacit best of three rule. If you'd like to keep playing with someone you should send them a message or go into a lobby (if you are on PC - I'm a bit out of date with whether or not it lobbies were added to console).
  10. WayForger

    Tomorrow is my birthday.

    Happy (hopefully not too belated) birthday man!
  11. WayForger

    Thank you so much man!

    Thank you so much man!
  12. WayForger

    The Smash Bros Discussion Thread

    Man this is some heartbreaking stuff. Seeing the news was almost numbing. PM has been the main iteration of Smash that I've played and I can only hope that the scene pulls a Melee and stays alive. Best of luck to the Devs in their future endeavors and rest in peace to the possibility of Isaac...
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  14. WayForger

    Anime/Manga General Discussion

    Summer Wars was meh in my opinion. I do hope that Overlord gets a second season, though it looks like the anime was meant to promote the light novels :/
  15. WayForger

    Skullgirls Encore on Linux

    That's all folks.
  16. WayForger

    Why is Parasoul disturbed by Robo-Fortune?

    That Big O reference and I would think that, though she is not clairvoyant, Parasoul has a good enough intuition to see the potential military capabilities of sentient combat androids.
  17. WayForger

    Controller/Stick General Questions and Discussion

    Hopefully I didn't word my question that it is hard to understand.
  18. WayForger

    Controller/Stick General Questions and Discussion

    I'm in the same boat with Dime_x with not knowing where to really put this: The only reason I haven't gotten PS4 version, thought I am edging towards buying it, is because I play pad and hate the DS4 for fighting games. Though I like it with MKX, it really doesn't feel good in my hands whenever...
  19. WayForger

    Indivisible: Lab Zero's Action-RPG! (General Discussion)

    Hey Vulpes that wasn't cool. Though I do understand that Denizen did open up a derailing vein of off-topic conversation, there was no need. Please take any further off-topic conversations to PMs and let this thread stay on track.
  20. WayForger

    Rising Thunder [PC]

    Hey forgive my ignorance but does S-Kill, or Steam, have any plans on getting the game on Mac/Linux? Bear with me here because I have been way out of the loop and wouldn't be surprised if I got a no. Mac gaming is abysmal ; A ;