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  1. G_Ross

    Big Band Trumpet Song Thread - Revival!

    Sailor Moon (una parte de la melodía no es toda la canción) ↓+LK+MK/LP+HP/LP/LK+MK/LK+MK/HK/HK/LP/LP+MP/HK ↓+LK+MK/LP+MP+HP/LP+MP/HK/HK/LP/LP/LP+MP/LP+HP/LP ↓+LK+MK/LP+HP/LP/LK+MK/LK+MK/HK/HK/LP/LP+MP/HK ↓+LK+MK/LP+MP+HP/LP+MP/HK/LK+MK/HK/LP/LP+MP/LP...