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  1. TheRealShyShadow

    Fukua Discussion Post

    well Noob Saibot from any mk can hold his shadows to but he didnt loose by doing that why does Fukua??Yea i know old Saibot was busted but cuz of his ghost ball that was unblockable and messed up your controls and disable your block for a short while well, but Fukua don't have any of that...
  2. TheRealShyShadow

    Black Dahlia Alpha/Beta Gameplay Discussion Thread

    I messe up um my ammo very ofthen Xd
  3. TheRealShyShadow

    Your Top 5 Story Modes

    5:Robo Fortune 4:Eliza 3:Umbrella 2:Annie 1:Fukua
  4. TheRealShyShadow

    new update

    I have no clue what this mean mate