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  1. hamie96

    Dev Communications on Recent Beta Development

    Chill Nuuance, they're a really small development team that has to manage bug fixes, implementing new characters, and trying to balance old characters all at the same time. Gven how the Annie patch cycle went, I'm not surprised they want to take a more quiet approach to the community during...
  2. hamie96

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    If we are to focus on one point, this is what we need to focus on. We've been in an Annie-dominant meta for over a year with many top players dropping beloved teams in favor of playing an Annie centric team, not because they love Annie but because Annie is just that much stronger. Just to add...
  3. hamie96

    Frog thread revival

    Hey guys I just found a new combo for Beo using chair recall. I was wondering if there was any way to optimize the damage past 6k though.
  4. hamie96

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    With Beo, you need specific assists that don't help his mediocre neutral in order to achieve 2 touches. Annie is able to achieve what Beo does with nowhere near the team commitment, offers far better assists, better DHC (why can she DHC pillar and get universal pickup and high damage?), and...
  5. hamie96

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    Changing chair recall wouldn't fix any of his issues. A nerf to Fortune, Annie, and Peacock would help Beo far more than any moveset buffs.
  6. hamie96

    Winner Marked in Rnd file plspls

    +1 This. It's a minor feature that could be added to replays that would greatly benefit the community by allowing us to automate tools given the replay info.
  7. hamie96

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    No worries, I think it's important to discuss since these inconsistencies are interesting (possibly to make orange vial more useful?). I wasn't around during the 2E patches so I'm not sure, but I fathom that's most likely the reason. Whether she actually needs it is something I'll leave to...
  8. hamie96

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    Posting this clip because as it currently stands, that is inconsistent with her other vials. Only orange vial doesn't go away on hit.
  9. hamie96

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    I'm going to be honest with you chief. Nobody is going to take this data seriously until you disclose where your sample size came from, nor will they take it seriously when the questions asked are extremely broad. It's not a revelation that beginner and intermediate players do not enjoy...
  10. hamie96

    Should Double get new DLC character moves?

    Just put Aeon in the game so we can use more cut dlc character moves.
  11. hamie96

    // POLL: ADD Ajna as Skullgirls // * 5th DLC Character *

    There's a multitude of reasons it won't happen: - Legal issue with using the character for both mobile + pc release - Wouldn't be able to sell different mobile versions of the character without working with 505 Games (see Dead by Daylight's licensed killer issues for example) - Indivisible is no...
  12. hamie96

    Who do you think DLC characters 3 and 4 will be?

    Umbrella will most likely be released after EVO (lines up with the SGM promo code: TWOWEEKS that was shown at the Summer Blockbuster). There will not be a hint on the next character til her release though (based on how umbrella was announced during annie's development).
  13. hamie96

    Who do you think DLC characters 3 and 4 will be?

    They do not own the rights to Indivisible. This is not legally possible afaik.
  14. hamie96

    Garfield Skin for Ms Fortune

    If we manage to get one last round of alternate skins for the roster, Ms Fortune should get a Garfield skin.
  15. hamie96

    Who do you think DLC characters 3 and 4 will be?

    I'll go against the grain and say I think it's going to be Black Dahlia, but I don't think the 4th character will be Marie. I actually think we'll see a male character as the 4th DLC, either Brain Drain or Stanley.
  16. hamie96

    Big Band Trumpet Song Thread - Revival!

    Because somebody is going to ask for it, here's how you do the among us theme song:
  17. hamie96