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  1. deepFr0sty

    Personal Filia Idle - pixel animation.

    Started this long ago, put it on hiatus for some reason. Finally finished it. Feels good. >View on DA<
  2. deepFr0sty

    Indivisible Art

    portrait of ajna. man, i cant remember the last time i held a pencil.
  3. deepFr0sty

    Indivisible Art

    Ajna's hd sprite updated: I don't want to say final version, cus i like to add on to my older work every now and again.
  4. deepFr0sty

    Indivisible Art

    Hello! I have made an HD sprite of Ajna, enjoy! (borrowed most of the colors from the original. i also put the original Ajna to the right for comparison.) (also, you can't really see all of her hair the way it is without a brighter background.)