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    Umbrella Palette Ideas (for Fun)

    What if Umbrella had an imperfect Cell color? I'm lazy and don't feel like doing it and afaik her palette doesn't support spots but I thought it'd be kind of funny albiet very ugly
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    Umbrella Alpha Gameplay Discussion Thread

    Unfortunate, but I can still distinguish Umbrella's 4 states without it for what it's worth
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    Umbrella hitbox interaction inconsistencies

    PW: 236LK 214K 3 jLP 5MP whiffs if you don't hold forward midscreen Umbrella seems really inconsistent for her midscreen combo (5MP jMP jHP 214K 9 jMK jHP jHK) 236LK 214K 9 jLP jLK 214K 1 jLK doesn't work (it's a reset) 5MP j236LK 214K 8 jMP can be a little awkward? I can't seem to get all 4...
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    Umbrella Alpha Gameplay Discussion Thread

    is there any way these could work with the steam launch option -disablelighting ? I can't see these because of that but I don't want to remove the launch option because the flashing lights from certain moves hurt my eyes. So a way to still have the flashy fire, electricity, etc effects off but...
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    Umbrella Alpha Gameplay Discussion Thread

    Is there any chance the Hungern eyeball can show the 4 different states umbrella is in for short hand glances? Currently the colors are really useful but I'm a little concerned I might confuse ravenous for my level 3 bar color, or level 2 for overstuffed. It's kind of an extreme case in all...
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    Finding Skullmod

    np! I don't really know if it ever had one, sorry. The best person to ask is 0xFAIL if you can find them.
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    Finding Skullmod

    I think Skullmod was replaced with Skullmod 2 which you can find here: [link] I'm not sure where you can contact 0xFAIL but that's the person who created it.
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    Cinematic Lv. 5 Blockbuster Attacks

    I agree that it would be a very nice addition I definitely wouldn't turn them down if they happened that's for sure
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    Quality of Life Changes Suggestion Thread

    I would like to re-propose this as a QoL change, with assist call inputs not overlapping some assist + special moves will be a lot easier to do and much more consistent as a result.
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    Cinematic Lv. 5 Blockbuster Attacks

    I'm not sure this is a good idea from a balance stand point and personally I wouldn't want to watch a whole cinematic (though I will admit mvc3's cinematics are pretty hype) Also it might be expensive Here's an idea for Eliza: Horus and Albus put you in a sarcophagus which drains the opponents...
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    How can I access and post threads on the skullmods forum?

    Everything in the archived area is closed, it's just there for past info. Archival reasons, there's no way to post or create in them. I'm not a mod but I figure you could make a thread here about skullmod and we can use that new thread. FWIW most users from the archived forums have been gone...
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    Forum Feedback

    Banned users still show on the members online list (idk if forums are supposed to work like this)
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    I'm on the feed, wow

    I'm on the feed, wow
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    Peacock Analysis

    I think a nerf like that [projectiles go away on point hit] would better target peacock as a whole, I don't like damage nerfs I don't think they solve anything if the tool is still in the same state (extremely good mix up). But I have no idea what would make a suitable item drop nerf without...
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    Peacock Analysis

    Things I don't like about Peacock: H plane can save her butt sometimes H teleport is an escape option/pressure tool/mix up jHK is a wall I can't do anything about jHP is a movement tool that does tons of damage on CH (I know it doesn't combo, it's still a lot) and is disjointed and HUGE M item...
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    Feature Suggestion's

    Could there be a steam launch option (I looked through what the wiki had and maybe I just missed it idk) that turns off effects like the fire, electricity, (whatever annie does)? I find the special lighting effects to be very overwhelming at times really if there's a way to tone down effects in...
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    General Painwheel discussion

    I've always figured it has 2 hits because it is a comboable sweep kinda like how jHP has 1 hit of armor because it would be extremely good if it had more. I've never really questioned it
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    General Painwheel discussion

    Idk if it's been written down or not but it would be very cool if pw was not penalized for flying backwards.
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    General Painwheel discussion

    My problem with making buer plus or fly cancelable is the fact that it'll make pw really broken, a game-wide fix would be more suitable, if buer were made slightly taller only to accommodate areas where it'll drop (although I'd argue it's not that hard to otg buer but I seem to be an outlier) or...