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  1. 7th Ave.

    Skullgirls-Big Blast Sonic

    i put something together after seeing the GG evo BBS intro they did its pretty cool i guess
  2. 7th Ave.

    Albverdich's Handheld guide to:Beowulf

    hey guys, just here to post a small 5-6 minute guide on Beo for those trying to pick him up. more aimed at beginners,and all just stuff ive picked up while playing as him. hope you enjoy, if there's anything i need to change please state
  3. 7th Ave.

    Steam - Windows SG based YTchannel

    So,after a while of procrastination i wanted to make a youtube channel revolving around Skullgirls and some other 2D fitahs. i wanted to know if anyone would have suggestions as to what i can do to improve the content i create and what people would want to see more be it combo vids,tutorials,etc...