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    Another bug thread but only Stuff posts in it.

    So I just wanted to make a thread of things I notice. There's still this odd bug where you can get stuck in QM forever waiting for a room or something but as soon as you realize, "hey it's not queuing me up", and you go to lobby as soon as you're in the lobby menu the error message "Failed to...
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    Character select time out bug

    So I was on QM and I was waiting on my opponent to pick their characters or maybe it was stage select idk, but it counted down all the way to zero and stayed there. Not sure where else to report this. https://clips.twitch.tv/SuspiciousEphemeralTireSSSsss-YzTBjhk0ttN659q7 here's the clip.
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    I miss forums...

    Yeah... Here's hoping the patch brings this back.
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    Painwheel [BUG???] Painwheel can be ground thrown out of flight.

    Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Also hi, long time no see. Hopefully the game wasn't finished in my absence. Edit: I forgot to add that it's only when she's low enough to the ground so perhaps it's intentional but I really dislike that an air state can be ground thrown at...
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    How to beat Fiber Uppercut when it whiffs

    So we've all been there, you got Fortune near you but you want to bait whatever the heck she might do. Oh looks like fiber whiffed boo hoo what a stupid move I certainly can't do anything now, Fortune is stupid. Will everyone have a punish for it? Maybe I dunno I'm not done with every possible...
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    [Suggestion] Head scaling per ratio? or God damn this hurts the higher my ratio is.

    So HUGE shot in the dark but you know how Fortune's head has 50% unscaled damage for every ratio? Well the damage gets pretty crazy the higher the ratio team fortune is in which makes it really freaking scary if you're a trio headless player. like me :c Anyway what I was wondering for ages but...
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    Common Rookie Fortune mistakes

    Note: This PSA Assumes you are using head-on Fortune although most beginner Fortune's usually stick with head-on first. This thread's purpose is to note common mistakes beginner Fortune players make. (Maybe one about Fortune misconceptions would be cool one day) Other note: This doesn't mean...
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    Robo Fortune's Hitboxes [FINAL]

    Robot. STANDING NORMALS s.lp s.mp s.hp s.lk s.mk s.hk CROUCHING NORMALS cr.lp cr.mp cr.hp cr.lk cr.mk cr.hk JUMPING NORMALS j.lp j.mp j.hp j.lk j.mk j.hk SPECIALS L Theonite Beam 236 LP/QCF LP M Theonite Beam 236 MP/QCF MP H Theonite Beam 236 HP/QCF HP L Air...
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    Peacock Teleport interacting oddly with opponent tag

    Mike_Z uh I know that you're done and all but maybe this is something you'd be concerned about.
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    Filia Safe Gregor setup

    So this isn't necessarily a bug but perhaps something to be concerned about: So @Mike_Z I was wondering more if you were okay with Filia being able to do this (and I've asked about this before so if you still feel the same way then this is now Filia tech) Point is at certain heights gregor is...
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    Ms. Fortune Fortune Pre-block clean up error.

    Not sure whether to bug @EU03 or @Mike_Z but uh yeah I've noticed this for a while now but then forgot about it and I just now remembered that fortune's preblock frame is a little strange. Her ear is weird and there's no white in the eyes. (there are also strange lines on the sweater shirt...
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    Test to see if I can delete a thread I made

    stay tuned to see if it works EDIT: You cannot. Wow that's stupid even though it's empty and no one else posted yet. Test Complete!
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    I'm low tier please buff. - A training thread by Stuff from the movies.

    So you see this thread and say "Well what the heck does that mean mister thread guy?" Hello I play this game and do meh at it but I do have problems here and there like: I can't really adapt to things I've seen only once and can't even do this is short sets like tournament 2/3 types. My field...
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    Cerebella Cerebella's sMK start up hurtboxes appear to be misplaced

    I'm not sure if it's supposed to be that way but there are no animations in the attack that would make me think so.
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    What if Skullgirls was censored by 4Kids

    Boy does that title seem like click bait. Anyway, shut up and and make 4kids edits for Skullgirls. A '4Kids Edit' is censoring something that some protective folk may think is inapropriate for kids to watch by replacing the offending object with something friendlier. This is a common occurrence...
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    Assist call layout request.

    I had decided to use a team of three when I had noticed this but I noticed that each assist hogs a button. This is an issue to me because this makes it hard for me to H fiber + assist 1 because a2 occupies both calls that use the hk button and it's also difficult to do L giant step + assist 2...
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    Rooftops at Sunset - Stage Mod

    Did someone say lazy edit? When I care enough to actually edit it properly it'll look nicer but hopefully this will keep both you and and fizz happy for like 2 seconds. 5 minute edit times woo. An actual edit will probably take a few days because I'm REALLY lazy.
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    Beowulf's Hitboxes UPDATED 3/5/2015

    I heard he sounds like Night Phyre. STANDING NORMALS s.lp s.mp s.hp s.hp (chairless) s.lk s.mk s.hk COUCHING NORMALS cr.lp cr.mp cr.hp cr.hp (chairless) cr.lk cr.mk cr.hk cr.hk (chairless) JUMPING NORMALS j.lp j.mp j.hp j.hp (chairless) j.lk j.mk j.hk j2HK SPECIALS...
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    Ms. Fortune's Encore Combos

    Welcome to the Fortune combo thread most everything here should work because I made a new thread when the latest version came out. If you want combos most people use please use the compendium which is here: http://skullheart.com/index.php?threads/ms-fortune-compendium.5739/
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    Theoretical character changes and their applications.

    Now to start things off things off I'd like to leave a general idea of what this thread is. Firstly, this is not a "x character is bad/op pls buff/nerf" thread. Secondly, this only a thread to think of neat changes to a character these should not be made to sound like a demand as most likely...