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  1. Notkastar

    Ever Wondered If You Could Do More Damage With One Character Than The Other?

    I Did and I made a video out of it ╹‿╹) (Heads up I'm self-taught and don't have many of any online battles to speak off under my belt in TFH so if you have any tips for the characters, I'm all ears! ◠‿◠) While Arizona has more snappy setups compared to Ole, who needs prep time to charge...
  2. Notkastar

    Video Squigly & Val's Surgical Synergy

    Not going for Damage but just having fun making up some funky set-ups the peeps! ╹‿╹)
  3. Notkastar

    Do you think Fukua has better control over Shamone than Filia Over Samson?

    Personally, I think they do since I've never heard the two of them argue or anything along those lines, What are your guys' thoughts?
  4. Notkastar

    Breaking 80% 1v1 with Fukua

    Heya m8s ◠‿◠) Recently got a video done centered around doing as much damage as you possibly can with Fukua! And though, yes I am posting it here so I can get feedback (hopefully positive but, hey I can't control that ╹‿╹) I wanted to know if any peeps who main her have been able to do even...
  5. Notkastar

    Maximizing Squigly's Single-Combo Damage

    Heya, Recently I've been trying to Increase the amount of damage I can do in a single combo with Squigly. Found myself depending on her reset game so much that my combos with her nowadays only did about 40% on their own ◠‿◠;) So I took a sec to re-learn Squigly so to speak (I even made a video...
  6. Notkastar

    Eliza How Do You/Can You Beat Eliza? (Story Wise)

    (Heads up, I'm not the most knowledgeable about Eliza and I'm mostly making this thread to get a clear understanding of just how she works n_n) Alright, Out of the gate she's possibly one if not thee most powerful characters this game has to offer. Cuts, bruises, impalement, and general wound...
  7. Notkastar

    Too many Spider! (Terrifying Skyrim Glitch!)

    Alright, this just happened a few hours ago and feel free to mock me for being this freaked out from a got dang video game but this glitch just terrified me. Now I'm not gonna say "A Spooky scary ghost took over my computer and made this stuff happen" or anything. I'm pretty sure this was just a...
  8. Notkastar

    I Need Help Drawing Poses For A Ninja-Like Character

    Currently drawing cosplays for my main oc peep Max of certain characters I like from fighting games. At first, It was going pretty well since I was able to make something I was quite proud of when I took a shot at drawing Amane from Blazblue But Then I took a shot at drawing Hibiki... Oh...
  9. Notkastar

    Who in your opinion is the hardest to fight in a laggy situation?

    Team combos aside, Which particular character do you think is the hardest to fight on a particularly bad connection? ╹‿╹) Would it be Filia since with a bad connection she would just warp over you with iad's Or would it be Pea since fighting her with lag means randomly exploding a lot ◠‿◠) I...
  10. Notkastar

    So MvC3's coming out on PC...Will People stop playing Skullgirls because of it?

    First let me say I am Extremely excited this game's coming out for PC. Even more so that it'll be my first taste of a Marvel Vs Capcom game and I'm dying to try those awesome combos I see other people do! n_n (Also deadpool looks fun to play ~ w ~) Though thinking about it's release in March...
  11. Notkastar

    How invisible is Double's Flesh Step and can I use it in a Combo?

    Her back c.Circle move were she dashes forward so steps and fazes though the other fighter. I just picked up double and wanted to know what exactly I can get away with that move? Can you hit her out of it with a jab, a Heavy, A super or not at all? Also can I use it in a combo to get into...
  12. Notkastar

    How do you beat Pain's J.MP Without Supers or Anti Airs? (The Forward Saw Thing)

    This is a topic I've been meaning to post for a while now. I can't figure out for the life of me how to practically counter this move without having Charged 'Dragun Punch' on standby or using a meter to ether drill or sing my way into a a possible punish. The move it's self has some insane...
  13. Notkastar

    Some Combo Ideas I Came Up For Beta Fukua, Any Good?

    Gotta say making the M shadow push peeps away was a massive blow to my Fukua game since that's my go-to pick up/linker after a: c.MP->c.HP (Though I do like the hold on the shadows, I can be my own assist lol =) But with a lot of fiddling around in the training room I came up with a few work...
  14. Notkastar

    A Quick Tutorial On Filia's Instant Air Dashes (IAD's)

    I know it took me a while before figuring out how exactly Filia player where able to do those. (One of my friends had to tell flat out lol) So I made this small tutorial to help new Filia player understand how to do this really deadly trick of hers! What do you think? Did I cover my bases...
  15. Notkastar

    Personal I Need Help Drawing Some Off-Topic Charcters

    Hey and thanks for clicking this thread =) My name's look to the left and I'm a cartoonist. Recently I've been trying to draw or at the least trying to understand how to draw: Zappa from Guilty Gear And F.A.N.G from the new street fighter game About 5 minutes ago I took another shot at...
  16. Notkastar

    Who's Your Favorite Traitor? (Possible Spoilers Ahead)

    Mine would have to be: So who's your favorite backstabber? =)
  17. Notkastar

    Squigly Tutorial On Her Different Grab Set-Ups

    A Quick Video I Just Got Done Making Think I covered my bases pretty well here. What do you think, Did I miss anything major? =)
  18. Notkastar

    Green Vials Effects Green Bar?

    It's something I just notice while re-watching a video I made of me just playing around with the Vial combos Skip to the combo shown at 0:42 and you can see that when Fillia was hit with the green vial her burst bar went down by half. Does it also reset the moves leading up meaning you can...
  19. Notkastar

    What's Your Craziest/Memorable Moment At a Con?

    I recently signed up to volunteer again at this year's Momo-Con! Side Note: Although their not doing SG tournaments this year, The List of games they are doing tournaments for is still pretty long. If the tournament scene isn't your thing they still have a pretty awesome Free Play, Screening...
  20. Notkastar

    Star's stride towards better Videos!

    After being inspired by both Poccola and Tears of Graces, I've decided to step up my prediction value in my videos with some more editing tricks, Higher resolution and things like like that. The most resent thing I was working on with this in mind: It's no Poccola but, I think it's pretty...