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  1. DDB

    Who do you think DLC characters 3 and 4 will be?

    I’m thinking it’ll be Marie and Minette. I’m 2 for 2 on guessing dlc so I’ll obviously continue to be right.
  2. DDB

    Annie DLC for Nintendo Switch

    She might have to wait a bit longer than PC and PS4. Big N’s sorta weird about these kinds of things.
  3. DDB

    Big Band Trumpet Song Thread - Revival!

    This is exactly the first Big Band post I figured would pop up.
  4. DDB

    How do you think Umbrella will play?

    My hope is that she’s practically the opposite of her sister. Just like… Absolute unga bunga caveman compared to Parasoul’s more conserved and elegant movements.
  5. DDB

    Administrative Welcome back to Skullheart!

    It begins again, but what’s my gimmick now
  6. DDB

    Happy birthday, musica!

    Happy birthday, musica!
  7. DDB

    The Annie Patch: Changes and Beta Discussion

    I'm just sayin', everything around Skullgirls' future skyrocketed as soon as they announced playable Annie.
  8. DDB


    Something related to the Sanrio Splatfest? Is there a translator in the house?
  9. DDB

    Blazblue Cross Tag Battle.

    So, I've got the Switch version preordered and will probably be playing Makoto/Weiss until Izayoi drops. I debated a bit whether I'd want the PS4 version or not but I had more friends on the Switch verison.
  10. DDB


    No, as in, they don't do anything at all. Like, confirmed they do nothing.
  11. DDB


    Everyone besides C.Q. Cumber and Iso Padre is entirely there for aesthetic.
  12. DDB


    Just stoppin' by to mention that y'all didn't believe me on the Annie thing or the Callie thing and look where we are now.
  13. DDB


    Suddenly I remember why I disappeared.
  14. DDB


    Good news I am still on my bullshit but with a different charcter.
  15. DDB


    Psssst Pssst when's Callie
  16. DDB


    I've been hooked on the Roller for this Testfire, it's so ridiculously fun in this game.
  17. DDB


    So I shifted obsessions and started a series where I draw Callie every single day until they show her in Splatoon 2. Today's was Day 37. https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAADAAB2V0f6b-wJ_A
  18. DDB


    Or it's all a mislead, and there's a charger with you in their sights now.