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  1. Kima

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    [Eliza] I feel like the new Eliza changes are a step into the right direction! Although the current changes for her are tiny, and aren't enough to give her the justice she needs to be on pair with other characters in this game. I'm hoping that the changes won't stop there, and she will continue...
  2. Kima

    Umbrella Palette Ideas (for Fun)

  3. Kima

    The Annie Patch: Changes and Beta Discussion

    Changes i would like to see:
  4. Kima

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    Can i ask for a specific QoL/Buff on Beowulf? If you finish Airwulf into Da Grendel Killa and then DHC into Valentine's EKG Flatliner it will whiff only on Valentine and Parasoul. My suggestion is to add hitstop if you DHC from Da Grendel Killa so those two characters don't fly to the...
  5. Kima

    Indivisible: Lab Zero's Action-RPG! (General Discussion)

    Sorry if this was already answered, i didn't see anything in this thread so i'm going to ask. 1) The characters in the prototype don't have levels like most RPGs, probably because it was a prototype but... it never hurts to ask, is the game going to have a tradicional rpg leveling system? 2)...
  6. Kima

    Painwheel MDE Combo Thread (Page 3 Onwards)

    So, i want a counter hit corner combo that starts with s.hp or j.hp so i can punish people from bursting, i tried to create my own but i suck at theorycrafting. Does someone have a combo like this?