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  1. D.R.E.

    Steam - Windows replay channel doesnt work for me?

    nope, only on the replay selection screen is that the case, buttons act normally in every other menu screen in the game, and my stick is config'd just fine during gameplay
  2. D.R.E.

    Steam - Windows replay channel doesnt work for me?

    ok, i feel dumb, but i guess there never was an issue to begin with..replays work when i press MK instead of LK, LK was going back, and MK is the button to play them...that hasnt always beena thing has it?..but anyway..replays work fine now, thanks anyways you guys..
  3. D.R.E.

    Steam - Windows replay channel doesnt work for me?

    i did what you said and let a new replay save, when i went back to the replay option in the extras menu, the same thing happens, when i click the replay on the black screen, instead of the replay loading, it just bounces me back out to the extras menu...i'll load up the replay shortly toa file...
  4. D.R.E.

    Steam - Windows replay channel doesnt work for me?

    I tried it again yesterday and the same thing...id really like to have my replays back...does it have anything to do with me having my steam games installed on a secondary drive?
  5. D.R.E.

    Steam - Windows replay channel doesnt work for me?

    i recently bought a new pc, and noticed when i reinstalled sgs a few months ago, and turned back on replays with the thingy in steam (its late, i cant remember what its called) the replay channel was "there" in the menu, and the game would flash the "saved replay xx" msg, but when i would go try...
  6. D.R.E.

    Animated Review for Skullgirls

    really well done..i will post this around other places on the net when i'm suggesting skullgirls to ppl
  7. D.R.E.

    Valentine Combo Thread

    thnx bunches..i notice thats on the 1st page..i always assumed anything that old would be outdated, but i suppose not
  8. D.R.E.

    Valentine Combo Thread

    can i request someone post/ point me in the diretion of a decent intermediate bnb vial and vial less combo and a heavy combo for me to get started w learning valentine?..or i just have to wade thru 17 pages of this thread?
  9. D.R.E.

    USA Interest Check: Kumite in Tennessee (Jan 15-17 2016)

    I have family in Murfreesboro and i been dying to get some offline exp w Sgs..i really wanted to be @ KIT last yr and i will take off work to be there and play SGs this coming Jan..hopefully ppl show..if not i guess i'll just play sf and hang w my brother
  10. D.R.E.

    Being the best scrub i can be...

    Being the best scrub i can be...
  11. D.R.E.

    general parasoul reset options for beginners

    ok.. i want help with adding this to my game cause its neat-o and i've gotten hit w it so many times from other paras.. dont know how to place the tear that high after donkey kick..anyone?
  12. D.R.E.

    Report 5/1 Salty - Taunt Madness, Robo-Fortune Completed

    Parasoul reminds me of 3s Chun when she yawns and cracks her neck
  13. D.R.E.

    Interest Check: EVO 2015

    So..i took vacation time off for Evo at the beginning of the year before i knew every SGs player would rather attend CB. I kinda play SF4 but not really, i wanted to show up and enjoy the spectacle that is evo cause Vegas and it'll be my first Evo but i also wanted to get alot of side gms of SGs...
  14. D.R.E.

    The Mortal Kombat Thread

    Cause mkx is a thing now and i paid 60 bucks for it...
  15. D.R.E.

    Yu-Wan's Diner, AKA The Skullheart Lounge/Off-Topic Thread

    sooo...we dun have a desktop thread here?..i thought we hadda desktop thread.
  16. D.R.E.

    Evo 2015 salt

    o i know..i said "or lower"..realistically, i'm hoping for top 8 at least.
  17. D.R.E.

    Evo 2015 salt

    Side tourney gets a proper stream of at least top 16 or lower and im satisfied. ..
  18. D.R.E.

    Steam - Windows PC Danisen League

    1st Dan Match(pc) arrahdre def. yummy bubbles 2-1
  19. D.R.E.

    Steam - Windows PC Danisen League

    arrahdre double/parasoul
  20. D.R.E.

    USA Kumite in Tennessee

    when is it this yr?...is it in Murfreesboro again?..i could possibly make it there.. *GOOGLE EDIT* hmm..in two weeks?..i dunno if i can take off work in that short of notice..i have family in Murfreesboro, so i might be able to pull it off..