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  1. fayestra

    Frog thread revival

  2. fayestra

    Black Dahlia Alpha/Beta Gameplay Discussion Thread

    I haven't seen anyone else mention this, but I don't like the idea of characters besides Dahlia having specific moves that ignite oil. IMO, interactions with a character-specific mechanic should either stay within that character, or be universal across everyone. Only Parasoul can ignite her own...
  3. fayestra

    Black Dahlia Pre-alpha Gameplay Analysis & Speculation

    Her mobility seems like "low speed but high maneuverability" so far, especially if she does end up with a teleport. I remember in a previous thread that counter-type moves was one of the things a lot of her listed inspirations had in common. Tying into that, her 2MK seems like a strong assist...
  4. fayestra

    Feature Suggestion's

    Training mode options for delaying health or meter refill after a combo ends by X amount of frames. It'd be nice for things like knowing if you could execute a reset quicker than you have been. Also gonna add one more voice asking for the ability to change which assist inputs are used on the...
  5. fayestra

    Winnie's Assist Tier List

    now that it's pointed out, yeah, a lot of the DP assists are rated pretty low for neutral. sure, if you're getting zoned out they can't help much but in a more footsies/midrange type of matchup or if you're playing as the zoner, then they're great at controlling the match, and maybe even better...
  6. fayestra

    Custom Palettes for the Cast

    Had a bunch of old palette editor files laying around, figured they'd be good additions here
  7. fayestra

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    Seconding this. Install pressure was already a "pushblock or die" option that gave a lot of characters a hard time, and the chip damage buff feels like a step in the wrong direction. I could definitely see blockstring pressure being optimized to deal obscene amounts of safe chip, especially for...
  8. fayestra

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    there's a couple of things where i agree w what's being targeted for nerfs, but think it could be executed in a different way (some people already mentioned things like how h beam hits more times the closer it is so its now more likely to get extra hits, or how for pea's bombs it adds more time...
  9. fayestra

    How do you think Dahlia will play?

    The description of misleading attack animations makes me think of something like Parasoul, and to a lesser extent Squigly, being able to chain multiple highs and lows together in quick succession and kara-cancelling overheads into lows and such. Some of the characters, especially BB Hood, in her...
  10. fayestra

    Umbrella Alpha Gameplay Discussion Thread

    for the 6lp charge issue, imo some specials could be remapped to be Kick specials since they feel a lil cramped all being on punches. parasoul has several krieg specials be kicks (214K and [2]8K) so some hungern specials could be fine there too. another thing i'd think would be nice: be able to...
  11. fayestra

    New System Mechanics You'd Like to Try

    I think a fun custom intro could be Filia v Fukua where it looks like Filia is there but then another Filia comes in w her running intro, and it turns out the first one was actually a shadow clone from Fukua
  12. fayestra

    Umbrella Alpha Gameplay Discussion Thread

    Yeah, of course, I didn't mean to imply that it should be a single finely honed mechanic, just a more general "doing more with less" approach, mainly since there seems to be way more unique interactable objects/mechanics being created for her compared to most other characters.
  13. fayestra

    Umbrella Alpha Gameplay Discussion Thread

    I mentioned this in the maincord yesterday but I think it's worth bringing up here: Umbrella's moves and mechanics are getting to feel bloated and disjointed with how many new types of objects are getting added (from bubbles, to eyes to puddles and more) and how some moves are having to...
  14. fayestra

    How do you think Umbrella will play?

    Eyestorm is also one I was hoping for, it'd probably work very similar to aegis rn (rips up opposing projectiles + lockdown) but I was sure that if she was going to get it that it'd be her level 3 since it looks like it'd be underwhelming if balanced to be a level 1 and overlap too much with...
  15. fayestra

    (Updated August 25) We Will [Maybe] Return! Squigly Wishlist Thread

    uncharged tremolo being low doesnt seem all that useful since squigly already has plenty of good low moves that can be stance cancelled for frame advantage and be less vulnerable on whiff, so in a vacuum tremolo would be much better but would be outclassed by squigly's other pressure options...
  16. fayestra

    How do you think Umbrella will play?

    it sure feels like a few too many to fit in a single moveset unless they're added as command normals