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  1. The Victator

    Val Instant Overhead

    I'm probably not the first one to notice this, but whatever: As Valentine, if you're right next to most taller characters (I know it worked on Parasoul), you do a neutral jump, and immediately input a j.LP, you can cancel into j.HP on hit/block. This is what the full instant overhead combo...
  2. The Victator

    Controller/Stick General Questions and Discussion

    My b, I play a 3-char team and was unsure as to who my anchor was going to be. I might try just using the right stick or doing the assist calls by pressing a trigger and a button. That Q1 really doesn't look appealing to me. I'll probably just wait until the Alpha stick comes out, then ask...
  3. The Victator

    Controller/Stick General Questions and Discussion

    I'm thinking of transitioning to stick soon, since I want to play the new Guilty Gear and KOF when they come out this year, and I've heard that those are pretty much unplayable on pad. In regards to Skullgirls, I'm also having some difficulty doing airdash cancels reliably; while I've gotten...
  4. The Victator

    General Beginner Q&A Thread!

    Noob question: How hard should airdash cancels be? I'm seeing a lot of long, optimal combos posted here that require hard aerials into hard aerials and thus require airdash canceling, but whenever I airdash cancel, the window to execute the move after the airdash seems incredibly small. Is...
  5. The Victator

    Deciding on a team composition

    Oh...then what's the advantage of having a character like Big Band, Double, Cerebella, or Eliza as an anchor?
  6. The Victator

    Deciding on a team composition

    Hey all, I decided to stop by this thread because I'm having the same problem as Sheep Wizard. In most of the fighting games I play, I tend to gravitate only towards fast/rushdown characters. Thus, when I recently picked up Skullgirls, the characters I instantly felt most comfortable with are...