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  1. ProfNJ

    Black Dahlia Alpha/Beta Gameplay Discussion Thread

    (I'm jotting this out at work, I apologize if none of this is readable) Dahlia is really, really fun so far and getting a character to feel this complete with so little is quite an accomplishment. There are some hangups that I have about her though, but they could potentially go away with some...
  2. ProfNJ

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    It seems apparent that even outside a bit of animosity towards Pea/MF's (hopefully temporary) reversions, a lot of the points of contention in this thread stem from there not being a more direct dive into what problems people have with their characters. I don't think that there is a clear...
  3. ProfNJ


  4. ProfNJ

    Prof's Lab feat. Squigly/Para/Double

    Hey, I'm Prof! Kinda sorta new to SG? I've been watching it for a while, and never really got to play due to a shitty laptop. Now I have an actually not garbage laptop and I'd love to play everyone! While I definitely want to play a trio of Point/Para/Double, I'm sort of having a team crisis...
  5. ProfNJ


    Any good Garchomp footage out? Having Bryan Fury's strings (f4~1, db2, b1) as well as a command run with followups is getting me really hype to see what people do with him.
  6. ProfNJ

    Parasoul Tips and Tricks Thread: post tips and tricks that YOU see

    Just some things I came up with while I was looking for an easier midscreen BNB tech with my team. A lot of ideas here are pretty basic and redundant (I'm not very creative) but hopefully this vid gives you guys some ideas.
  7. ProfNJ

    Robo-Fortune Tech and Resets Thread

    My guess is because it's supposed to be a Dust a la Guilty Gear, considering that RF is supposed to be a Robo-Ky homage. (Robo-Ky Dust has a similar animation as well.) I think it's pretty self-explanatory too: HK on a default arcade stick is exactly where Dust would be.
  8. ProfNJ

    Beta Wulf Discussion

    Anyone know the motions for all the finishers?
  9. ProfNJ

    Double Beta Combos/Tech Thread

    I told you I couldn't think of a reason to :]
  10. ProfNJ

    Double Beta Combos/Tech Thread

    After killing/snapping a cornered opponent, placing Monster! while standing as close to the corner as possible crosses up an incoming opponent. Monster! also pulls opponents that block the mixup toward Double. (someone else can find out what can be done with that, I dunno Double things) Also...
  11. ProfNJ

    Currently getting gud.

    Currently getting gud.