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  1. Blaise

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    150 undizzy would be sweet i keep dropping the end of my combo so making them sorter would be nice
  2. Blaise

    PC Beta Deflect Fullscreen VS Robo Beam

    It's not a bug you can't do the conversion lmfao deadass
  3. Blaise

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    This doesn't matter at all but Orie could have just dashed foward k thnxs l8r
  4. Blaise

    USA Skullgirls Community Tour? (Discussion)

    dolphin right now
  5. Blaise

    Name your new Stand

    im gay
  6. Blaise

    USA [Dec 11, 2015] NEC 16 - Main Game & $1,000 Pot Bonus (King of Prussia, PA)

    NEC was alright I guess. I lost like 10 dollars to socks. Fuck you socks.
  7. Blaise

    USA [Aug 28, 2015] Summer Jam 9 - $1,000 in Pot Bonuses & SG Pre-Reg (Essington, PA)

    In case anyone is not aware, pre-reg closes in a few hours. If you plan on going pre-reg!!!!! http://bigegaming.com/pre-registration/
  8. Blaise

    Under Night In-Birth

    Last round of loketests. Gonna post stuff I found on dustloop/twitter/other sources. Obv not everything is here/stuff can be wrong. UNIVERSAL Invincibility moves and super flash moves can't be cancelled with CVO CVO in the air First Hit bonus removed HYDE 5A 1 frame faster start-up 2A can be...
  9. Blaise

    Under Night In-Birth

    French Bread has said that they feel like their game did "alright" in the arcades. It's tough for anime games that arnt made by Arc Sys or from well recognized franchises like DFC to do well in arcade.
  10. Blaise

    Under Night In-Birth

    Another Battle Arena Shinjuku vid! This time features alot of the ranked #1 Japanese Chaos! (Pre-tournament: 00:18:00 ,Tournament: 1:04:16, Post-tournament: 1:30:50)
  11. Blaise

    Under Night In-Birth

    Amazing Seth combo/setup video
  12. Blaise

    The SG Player Compendium

    Beginner BlaiseGod, BlaiseG, Blaise, The God, The Legend, That one New York Skullgirls player, Gordeau Incarnate. Specialized in Superior Big Band play Vanilla E A S T E R N L E G I O N Skullgirls Legend, UNIEL Master His story is the American story — values from the heartland, a middle-class...
  13. Blaise

    Under Night In-Birth

    If you wanna see experienced Hildas, Japs are usally the way to go. Great awareness of shielding and mixing up their blockstrings to keep people scared. Also watch Yung Art ugh ha ugh ha
  14. Blaise

    Under Night In-Birth

    The info on frame data is correct. 5A is slower then 2A. You are wrong. Go into training mode and tell me otherwise. What exactly do you mean Akatsuki has to take a risk? His pressure is all frame traps. If you press a button you get hit. If you try to shield to push him out he can grab you...
  15. Blaise

    Under Night In-Birth

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1De7GMR--Ycdnir8rto3rpztm7_LHeqJYqzyrjYlFviU/edit Here is a link to UNIEL frame data, considering all the frames you said were wrong. And I'm sorry, I'm not really sure what points you were trying to make? You can't throw a tatsu. Reversal backdashes can...