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  1. Plaxcaster

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    Could we maybe have an option to change the shortcuts of Stick Assists? For now it is set to: Right Stick Up: LK + MP (ASSIST 1) Right Stick Down: MK + HP (ASSIST 2) It would be pretty cool to be able to change those shortcuts, I'd for instance would love to be able to change assist 2 to being...
  2. Plaxcaster

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    Namely, I'd love for things like c.lk c.mk > Devil Horns > Dynamo (side switch) feel more reliable.
  3. Plaxcaster

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    The input Buffer after Cerebella's Dynamo was amazing. Could we get a similar buffer for Devil Horns, due to its super long recovery it feels really awkward and inconsistent to combo with it, I find mindself avoiding combos with the move. I think it could use a quality of life fix with some...
  4. Plaxcaster

    Report 8/5 Salty: Balance Changes, Console Lobbies, & More

    Thanks for the Bella buffer. Also the new Fukua Shadows are super interesting.
  5. Plaxcaster

    Introducing Monday Night Blockbuster Series!

    I'm down for any night except Friday, Saturday and Thursday, though I might be able to show up these days if I know the date in advance.
  6. Plaxcaster

    Who Ya'll Like: Encore (& Knuckles) [Bimonthly, Tuesdays, 5pm PST]

    I'm down for playing if Receita is. it's today, right?
  7. Plaxcaster

    Cerebella Combo Collection (Alliteration)

    Heyo, this is the BnB I use vs. heavy characters, specially vs. Big Band as the c.lk c.mp j.mp j.hk reestand drops at a distance. It works on: Big Band Double Beowulf Bella Eliza (corner only) Combo: c.lk c.mp c.hp j.mp XX j.hk s.mp, Merry-go-rilla c.lk c.mp c.hp j.lp (mash) j.hp c.lp c.mp s.hp...
  8. Plaxcaster

    Controller/Stick General Questions and Discussion

    Heyo, Does anyone know if it's possible to play on PS4 using a PS3 controller (with DS3 cable)?