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  1. FuLLBLeeD

    Steam - Windows Inverted Single Player difficulty select

    @ShinFenrir I'm not noticing any behavior different than normal with the difficulties. Can you describe specifically your issue? Which particular characters did you face that were "harder/easier" than others, and what difficulties did you play against those characters on?
  2. FuLLBLeeD

    No Player 2 select sound when selecting Black Dahlia

    Thank you for the report! I'll get this logged.
  3. FuLLBLeeD

    Steam - Windows Chance game crashes after character select screen.

    Hello @Zippywin Thank you for providing the dxdiag file but a crash log is going to be more useful here. Can you please provide me your crash log? Here are instructions on how to access your crash log. Crash logs are stored in the Steam root folder. To easily navigate to the Skullgirls root...
  4. FuLLBLeeD

    Steam - Windows UI issue when queuing for match

    @Luminescence thank you for the report. This bug is currently fixed in the beta version of Skullgirls, and we're continuing to investigate on PS4.
  5. FuLLBLeeD

    Steam - Windows Big Band can't block after parry against (some) projectile supers(?)

    Thank you for the report. Any change you can recreate this for me? Also, what controller are you using?
  6. FuLLBLeeD

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    "Fortune/Annie players are carried" Peacock and Fortune players are in the exact same boat with insanely oppressive options with limited counterplay options on almost everything they do. Every single person that plays this game that has a really stupid cheap option and complains about someone...
  7. FuLLBLeeD

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    IMO, the issue with Band is he has a bunch of insanely good defensive options that you have to respect AND the easiest parry window in all of fighting games (barring stuff like auto parry). I'm fine with Band having good options you have to respect, but the world's easiest parry window +...
  8. FuLLBLeeD

    Steam - Windows Crashes and poor performance

    @Kampan here is what I want you to do. I'll need both a log file and a crash dump from you. Crash dumps are located in the Skullgirls root Steam folder. To easily navigate to the Skullgirls root Steam folder, right click Skullgirls on your steam list, click properties, and then click...
  9. FuLLBLeeD

    Steam - Windows Crashes and poor performance

    What video card are you using?
  10. FuLLBLeeD

    Steam - Windows Crashes and poor performance

    Hi Kampan! Can I get your operating system info and system specs please? Is this occurring on beta or retail?
  11. FuLLBLeeD


  12. FuLLBLeeD

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    Great suggestions. I agree with all of this except the 6f 5lp. I think rushdown characters in fighting games having good, fast jabs is just kind of par for the course, and this change won't be needed if other changes get implemented. j.LK is a much bigger issue than 5lp is, and people have...
  13. FuLLBLeeD

    Steam - Windows Bug Black Dahlia

    This has been logged! Thank you for the report.
  14. FuLLBLeeD

    QM DC bug

    Thank you! I'll get a ticket logged.
  15. FuLLBLeeD

    QM DC bug

    What time did the timer say right before the game froze up?
  16. FuLLBLeeD

    QM DC bug

    You assumed they Alt F4ed? What happened after the timer hit 0?
  17. FuLLBLeeD

    QM DC bug

    Can you give me some more information? Did this happen when the character select screen showed up, or when the timer was close to zero?
  18. FuLLBLeeD

    PS4 Updated to 1.08, bought Season Pass, downloaded Annie and the new colours, but neither appear in-game

    The PSN Store UI is very messy. Even if you buy the season pass, you still have to "download" the characters (which will now be free, because you own the season pass) off the Skullgirls DLC PSN Store page. Can you go make sure you have those characters downloaded? This should resolve your issue.
  19. FuLLBLeeD

    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    Posts like this are unproductive and contribute nothing. Knock it off.