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  1. Sairus

    OFFICIAL: State of the Game - When's Marie?!

    Hey everyone, It’s time for an update on all the Skullgirls projects we’ve got cooking currently, specifically some details on Marie’s upcoming releases! Here’s a preview of what to expect below: MARIE Skullgirls Mobile Skullgirls 2nd Encore - Playable Alpha Skullgirls 2nd Encore - Full...
  2. Sairus

    OFFICIAL - Content Updates and Revisions

    As part of a content update across both Skullgirls games, we have adjusted several art assets in Skullgirls 2nd Encore. I encourage you to read the full details and rational behind these changes here: SKULLGIRLS CONTENT UPDATES & REVISIONS Here is the full list of items that have been altered...
  3. Sairus

    OFFICIAL: Black Dahlia Official Release! - PS4, Steam and Nintendo Switch

    Hey everyone, The day has finally arrived! After months of development and testing, Black Dahlia is finally getting her official release on all systems! The dates are slightly staggered, but here are her official release dates: Steam and PlayStation - Wednesday March 29th Nintendo Switch -...
  4. Sairus

    The Canon Info Thread - What We Know

    Aye kant beleive yuud tink Ai wood mispell sumthing. (It's Toady :P)
  5. Sairus

    The "social media updates" thread - now with 99% less drama

    As Chrono said, basically anything to do with announcing results of popularity votes that could be construed as evidence for specific characters being made playable is something I would loooooove to avoid. That I had to weigh in here to explain the thoughts behind the poll at all shows how...
  6. Sairus

    Steam - Windows Lowercase "f" in "FORTUNE"

    Wow this is indeed an old bug! I've made a ticket for it to investigate. Thanks!
  7. Sairus

    The "social media updates" thread - now with 99% less drama

    Before y'all go too crazy over this SGM survey, this list is not indicative of top choices for a future Season 2 Pass or DLC or whatever. - We wanted to include a 'who's your favorite character' question, but just leaving it completely open ended causes a bunch of problems, like many players...
  8. Sairus

    Forum Feedback

    That's a quick fix! Done now.
  9. Sairus

    Forum Feedback

    Thanks for all the comments in here! Going to be going through them and seeing which ones we can implement. Some obvious stuff like missing sigils and the like I'll get on ASAP!
  10. Sairus

    Webtoon thread

    Not really no. The comic on Webtoon is it's own thing and stands alone from actual game integration. We can still do some fun stuff like palettes based on comic costumes, but the comic itself will remain exclusively on the Webtoon platform. However, having said that, developing the overarching...
  11. Sairus

    Feature Suggestion's

    Unfortunately true crossplay between all systems presents some pretty significant hurdles. They're not impossible to get over, but honestly it's not something we can commit to right now. There's a non-zero chance we'll get to them, but right now we're focused on Black Dahlia and Marie.
  12. Sairus

    Switch Beowulf story mode not loading

    Thanks for the posts here! We're aware of this issue and hope to have it fixed in our next update. Thanks for your patience while we get it fixed!
  13. Sairus

    A Silly Request

    Interesting idea! If we do add voice packs to previous characters I doubt we'd recast them though. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible!
  14. Sairus

    Webtoon thread

    Bunnies with those hair styles and skin tones also show up in Big Band's story - they're not the same ones that Dahlia keeps around nowadays!
  15. Sairus

    Game runs slow while streaming and recording gameplay clips.

    Those specs are kinda on the lower end of the power spectrum. Running two graphics intensive programs (a video game and a screen recorder) might just be overtaxing your system in general. Making sure the game is in fullscreen might be able to help, but I'm not really sure there's much else you...
  16. Sairus

    Should Double get new DLC character moves?

    I think it'd be a fairly massive gameplay change to Double if she was given moves from the expanded DLC cast. I'd hate to take a character in such a completely new direction just for the heck of it and not for gameplay reasons. My personal Not Endorsed By Hidden Variable Studios and Not...
  17. Sairus

    Black Dahlia Alpha/Beta Gameplay Discussion Thread

    A new update just went out with some of the common issues spotted after the Girls Night Out update. Read the full details here: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/245170/view/6332655088356702195 No more confusion over the Last Call inputs hopefully! ❤️
  18. Sairus

    Dev Communications on Recent Beta Development

    Just wanted to chime in here despite the thread being locked to say that, yep, communication has been below where we'd normally want to be with Skullgirls development and something we'll be making a big effort to improve going forward - not just in general social post info drops, but you should...
  19. Sairus

    Game runs slow while streaming and recording gameplay clips.

    What are the specs on your PC? There are so many different permutations of hardware that it's difficult to troubleshoot without info on the type of machine you're using.
  20. Sairus

    OFFICIAL: 2022 Skullgirls State of the Game

    Hey everyone, It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on Skullgirls 2nd Encore’s development, but now is finally the time to pull back the curtain on just what we’ve been working on this year (spoilers: it’s a LOT). We also wanted to take this opportunity to look back at everything we’ve...