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  1. DragonWireFire

    Peacock Older Peacock

    This was meant to be joke, I know. But Mike (or Alex? Sorry, I can't really remember, I'm dumb) said that "Peacock is capable of aging". So I think she will look like her original design in the future. I saw some other designs of older Peacock on the internet but as some other people said, I...
  2. DragonWireFire

    Audio Skullgirls Voice Actresses Playing the Game

    Well, I'd actually like to see serious dubbed story modes. Maybe it's funny sometimes, but I was hoping they will do it "for real". :/
  3. DragonWireFire

    Spotlight Eighty Sixed Weekly T-shirt Design Submissions. Get Paid to Draw Skullgirls Merhandise!

    I have a few questions. I want them to be answered faster it's possible, so I will ask them here. 1. How will they know that I used different programme than Adobe Ilustrator or Photoshop? 2. Am I able to win more than once? (For example if I won this week, can I win next week, too?) 3. If I...
  4. DragonWireFire

    I can't play on full screen (PC)

    I did it, but then it looked like Minecraft..
  5. DragonWireFire

    Your friend

    Dog - a man's best friend.
  6. DragonWireFire

    I can't play on full screen (PC)

    OK, so.' When I play Skullgirls on PC, the game is windowed. It's just in small window. When I change window ressolution on bigger number, or on full screen, game is.. It looks like Minecraft. There's ton of pixels, game graphics is pretty bad. Is my graphics card bad, or is someone else having...
  7. DragonWireFire

    Skullgirls PC Beta Updates Discussion

    Sorry I'm writing it here, but I don't know where else I should ask this. So. In this update it says: "For whoever asked about the alternate voices costing money...those are free, period. They're not even a separate thing, they'll just be included with the game." Are we talking about Anime...
  8. DragonWireFire

    Most surreal moment?

    I heard steps after my back, so I turned and nobody was there.
  9. DragonWireFire

    Why do you love Skullgirls so much?

    Beautiful characters, original attacks, fantastic gameplay and story I don't get. I love everything about this game.
  10. DragonWireFire

    All progress lost (save data issue)

    (I actually feel like ass for having problems with completing tutorials, but I'm just pretty angry.)
  11. DragonWireFire

    All progress lost (save data issue)

    I lost all progress in Skullgirls. Achievements stayed, but game says I never played story mode, all art in the art galery is closed and all tutorials are uncomplete. What happened? I'm very angry. Tutorials are very hard for me.. Only one more tutorial and I would have achievement, but now...
  12. DragonWireFire

    Delete thread please.

    Some of Mitju's ideas are great, like figures, dog tags, cards, poster with all characters or diary. I'd like to see more stickers. But I live in Europe, so I can't buy those stuff - it's too expensive.
  13. DragonWireFire

    What's your favorite animation in Skullgirls?

    I don't know what to say. Thank you, Mitju. Thank you. It looks awesome. I'm sad it isn't in the game.
  14. DragonWireFire

    How Badass are YOU?!

    Wow. This thread really isn't for me.
  15. DragonWireFire

    Video Game Characters You HATE

    I don't like Peacock too Dragyfaggy but that doesn't mean people who like her are idiots.
  16. DragonWireFire

    Video Game Characters You LOVE

    Peacock? For me it's: -Parasoul -Painwheel -Illidan Stormrage -Sonic And so on, those are my most favorite.
  17. DragonWireFire

    Weird or Unusual headcanons

    Annie: Girl of the Stars is something like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Even it's cartoon adult people enjoy it, rainbows are everywhere and so on.
  18. DragonWireFire

    Her Parasite is as Deadly as her Beauty - it's the Blood Goddess Eliza!!! Thread

    Me too. But Bathory was's that beautiful. I mean she was damn ugly.
  19. DragonWireFire

    Wow you are from Czech Republic? I was here last summer in Karlovy Vary. Why haven't you told me...

    Wow you are from Czech Republic? I was here last summer in Karlovy Vary. Why haven't you told me that? It's awesome state. I wish I lived here.
  20. DragonWireFire

    Playstation players rejoice, Encore comes out FEB 11

    OK I have question again. It maybe sounds stupid, but will be Squigly free on PC, too? (on Steam) If yes, for day, week or month?