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    Ms. Fortune's Encore Combos

    I just put it here.
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    thanks =^,,^=

    thanks =^,,^=
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    How different regions approach Skullgirls

    Probably you mean "-No Fortune..."
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    Ms. Fortune's Encore Combos

    Like This: or you can use launcer for other chain with littel more damage, but OTG will be lost And Bella's hitbox is more wierd for that combo.
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    Ms. Fortune's Encore Combos

    You can do j.Lp>j.Lk>j.Hk>ElGato for 5-th air chain, it will give more damage.
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    The dekillschool stream

    Hello, can I be added into the list?
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    Fortune Combos

    you can use Lp Scratch instead, or littel delay j.Hk or gato. But main problem is that after super she falls to fast to headbutt her. but i notice if she land directly on first nom, first otg will not count. look on bella s.hitbox and on fortune's j.Hk and you will see. Should aim Bella's head...
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    Fortune Combos

    Sorry if it was already posted.
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    Fortune Combos

    Sorry, dont know how it works with another charecters, but, some other fun combo:
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    Name: Veritas Region/Time: UTC+04:00 Characters/Teams: Ms. Fortune What I Can Help You With: Basic Combos, Basic resets Need help with: Neutral game. Probably with everything about Fortune, has too much bad habbits and mash ;_;. Date last updated: 01/06/2014