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  1. Slap

    First Character?

    Hi I play Parasoul, and sometimes I also play Parasoul.
  2. Slap

    What got you into skullgirls, and why are you staying?

    Never played fighting games prior about this time last year, saw the Steam Summer sale and SG was in it. Grabbed it on the recommendation that it's a good learning game for fightan. It's also pretty fun.
  3. Slap

    Do I REALLY need a fighting stick to play better?

    It's entirely a matter of preference. I wouldn't sink big money into a stick if you're unsure you'll use it or enjoy it. Find a friend who does have one and see if you can find out if it's for you or not. I used to use a PS3 pad when I was learning, but I didn't like doing motions on it so I...
  4. Slap

    Finding the right character

    Most of what's been said here is pretty valid. Just find a character you like! Don't worry about being able to execute when you just start, everything takes practice to improve.
  5. Slap

    "Enforce skill bracket" for quickmatch

    A lot of the time you'll find that something that sounds very simple on paper in practice can be a technical headache.
  6. Slap

    Fukua Why I Hated Fighting Games

    If you want I can play a few games with you. My steam is http://steamcommunity.com/id/DerSlap
  7. Slap

    (help me make) The Ultimate Skullgirls Beginner's Primer

    Skarmand made a pretty decent video on IPS/Undizzy and resets.
  8. Slap

    Need advice on how to get better.

    Dumb question that I think is semi-relevant: What is a good way to quickly pick up new characters? I've been struggling to move past just playing Solo Parasoul for the forever, deprogramming from playing her to someone else has been a struggle for me. How did some of you guys pull it off?
  9. Slap

    Tips for getting an advantage during Neutral Game

    Keninblack is love, Keninblack is life.
  10. Slap

    Post your last suggestions for Skullgirls Encore here!

    So then, what would be examples of GOOD suggestions? Also, @render if I can ask just one more thing about Disco Ballz, what was it originally for?
  11. Slap

    Post your last suggestions for Skullgirls Encore here!

    But what about Disco Ballz?
  12. Slap

    Post your last suggestions for Skullgirls Encore here!

    Or something like having Under the Bridge's music change with the voicepack. I have no idea on the technical though, so I'm just being dumb.
  13. Slap

    Post your last suggestions for Skullgirls Encore here!

    I wonder how hard it would be to swap music tracks. Probably way harder than I'd assume. But still, this tune is amazing. Maybe part of Saxploitation? EDIT: Or, my original suggestion would be that it would swap tracks after Big Band hits with a taunt-boosted super. But that's probably kind of...
  14. Slap

    Post your last suggestions for Skullgirls Encore here!

    find a place to use this track please please please
  15. Slap

    What move do you always accidentally use?

    It's always the jumping HK instead of pillar. Always.
  16. Slap

    The 'git gud' Struggle: An attempt to learn how to punch games.

    Wow I post here basically never!!! I should play vs more teams so I remember that things like doublesnaps and assists are things and probably learn how to do half the shit Parasoul players use. I played a few games with @Dreamepitaph and he seemed to be only able to describe my playstyle as...
  17. Slap

    [May 22, 2015] Combo Breaker 2015 (Rosemont, IL)

    Wish I could go so I could get bodied, rip.
  18. Slap

    The Wrasslin' Thread

    Jesus Christ, that's a LOT of blood.