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    Hey everyone, Skullgirls Mobile has moved to their own forums so you can discuss the game easier with developers and players. You can find the official Skullgirls Mobile Forums here: http://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/ You'll find the site very easy to navigate if you've used Skullheart for...
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    Console Lobby Patch Bugs + Issues Megathread

    Post any bugs and issues you find on the newest patch for Skullgirls on console here. Issues with lobbies especially. There is still one more patch coming later once the JP VO contract agreement is finalized, so hopefully any glaring issues can be addressed.
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    Double Jump Instant Overhead Breakdown / Tutorial

    Here's the video I made on this tech explaining how everything works. This is very hard for stick players to do! If you guys wanna talk about it do so here.
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    Skullgirls Mobile General Discussion

    Here's a place to discuss SG: Mobile with other users who may or may not have the beta. The FAQ threads are good for asking questions related to specific things said in the OP's, but if you have new topics you'd like to discuss let's do it here.
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    Skullgirls Mobile Bug Reports

    Please post bugs related to Skullgirls Mobile here: http://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/forums/known-issues-bugs.27/ These forums are outdated and no longer used. The entire Skullgirls Mobile community has migrated to the above link. Old Op:
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    Mobile Season 1 Story Mode Discussion

    If you're one of the lucky participants to get into the beta on the first wave, please discuss the Story mode here! Until then, sit tight and keep your fingers crossed!
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    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    =========================================== Here is the document that is updated every time a new patch arrives. =========================================== This is not the thread for shit posting. This is not the thread for bug reports unrelated to the beta. This is not the thread for general...
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    Community Punch / Kick Priority Input

    Hi. When a character has two specials that overlap but use one uses kicks, and one uses punches, Mike decides what takes priority if both are pressed. This is so that when you do an input with an assist macro, one move comes out over the other every time. For example, Parasoul charge back...
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    PS Vita PS Vita Bugs Mega Thread

    Playstation Vita Bug Report Thread. Please post all bugs related to the playstation vita release here so the team can address them. Thanks!
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    All IAD + Similar Overhead Move's Speeds

    Hello I would like to list the speed of everyone's IAD and similar style overheads to cover the most common ones. These were calculated using frame advance on a debug build for Skullgirls. - Different characters have different IAD j[N] speeds. Filia's IAD jLK is 17F startup. It hits on the...
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    Steam - Windows Windows 8 / 10 Crashing Fix!

    Windows 8 / 10 is having a few issues with Skullgirls at the moment! If Skullgirls is crashing on your computer and you are running Windows 8 / 10, please: Try installing either the DX9 web installer https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 Or the full DX9 redistributable...
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    General Beginner Q&A Thread!

    Hey new players! Sometimes there's a lot of questions you can't answer alone. If you have any questions related to Skullgirls gameplay that you can't answer yourself then POST HERE! Don't be shy! The moderator team, our very helpful community or myself will answer your questions as soon as we...
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    The Beginner Match Finder Thread!

    Hey there new players! Whether you're new to forums or fighting games entirely, this is a great place to start looking for matches against people with a similar skill level. Just drop off some of the details requested below! Don't forget to take a look through what's already been posted by...
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    Frame Clean Up Errors Thread!

    Post your clean up errors here! Half the threads in this bug section are just a picture and a line saying "Clean up error?" So let's just get one nice place for them to go and reduce clutter. It's MikeZ Approved too!
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    'As Reversal' - With Jumping Normals.

    I want to test up back jHK vs a tick throw. I also want to test Filias jHK and Elizas IAD jHP. Anyone know of a way to do this?
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    Parasoul Burst Baits

    First thing, I'm going to the make the color of the hit that first activates IPS or Undizzy this color. 2MP bursts are still pretty useful for baiting bursts. Ex: 2LK 2MK HP HP L Shot 5MP 4HK L Egret ... 2MP Or Corner: LP MP HP HP L Shot LP MP L Egret, 44, 2MP These can be easy to see...
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    This again? Blocking Supers Post Flash [Poll]

    It's very simple. Vote yes or no if you would like to see this in the beta again. ************************************************************ If you do not understand what this means and you are here for the fan art or a you are a new player... Do NOT vote...
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    [Submissions] Parasoul Corner Combo

    Please post your Parasoul c.LK 1 meter corner combos here for the database. I also need footage of said combo. I've already got a ridiculous one so maybe some more practical ones though I realize most of Parasouls corners sort of end up looking like her midscreens. I prefer universal combos...
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    Character Specific Voice Lines on DHC

    This isn't so much a real 'suggestion' but more me having an idea and nowhere to put it! What do you guys think? I think it adds another layer of interaction between the characters you pick, making it feel more like a 'team' rather than three independent fighters. Windows Movie Maker doesn't do...
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    Low / Throw mix-ups and you!

    This is a video for people who are just starting off in Skullgirls all the way to some more intermediate players. Mainly for those who might not know about some of the things covered. Anyways this video is about *TIGHT* low/throw "50/50" mix-ups and one way to defend against them. Here is a...