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  1. Spencer

    How are people finding matches on PC?

    I have recently been trying to get back into SG, but I cannot seem to find many matches. I know the game has a smaller community, but I used to always find QM and lobbies without much problem. Now in QM I only find 300+ ping games, and I can barely find any lobbies. Are people using Discord...
  2. Spencer

    Rivals of Aether (Smash-like)

    Any Smash player's hype for this? http://store.steampowered.com/app/383980/
  3. Spencer

    Secret Ponchos

    Just picked it up yesterday. Having a ton of fun with it. It reminds me of Bloodline Champions but without all of the extra baggage. Anyone else pick it up? Or have plans to once it launches?
  4. Spencer

    Battlecon Online (board game fighter goes online)

    Easily one of my favorite fighters of all time. It is a cardgame/boardgame fighter that does an amazing job of capturing the feel of a traditional 2d. Huge roster, tons of mechanics. I like it infinitely more than Yomi. Anyway, here's their online kickstarter (already funded) for details. Link
  5. Spencer

    Rising Thunder [PC]

    New fighter coming out for PC by none other than Seth Killian. Free to play with option for cosmetics (not selling characters... though we'll see... I've lost faith in fighters as far as that is concerned). Here's a write up on it with a video. Here's a video for those that can't/won't read.
  6. Spencer

    Skullgirls' Popularity on PC (an appreciation thread)

    According to www.steamcharts.com , Skullgirls is one of the most popular fighters on PC. While this is probably a bad time to run comparisons as it could be receiving a boost from its two back-to-back sales, SG has recently been one of the more reliably populated fighters on PC. I hope it...
  7. Spencer

    Battlecon: War of the Indines

    So not a "fighting game" in the traditional video game sense, but definitely a fighting game. Just got it for Christmas. Anyone play it? For anyone that isn't familiar, Battlecon is a boardgame/card game that does a fantastic job of giving you a 2d fighter experience. I believe it will even...
  8. Spencer

    Painwheel Thresher very rarely doesn't throw Filia

    Not sure if this is just Filia or not. I've also only tested Filia's j.hp. It doesn't happen often, and it was a pain in the ass to set up (took me 15 minutes trying different Thresher hights and j.hp approaches). Anyway: @Mike_Z Not sure if Thresher has a period in which it isn't supposed...
  9. Spencer

    PS3 Worth picking up PS3 Version

    if I have the PC version? As in, how's the community size and quality?
  10. Spencer

    Joystick care help

    I'm having input issues. Essentially my diagonals aren't reliable. Often instead of jumping at an angle, I go straight up. I wasn't sure what was causing it, but now, I'm sure it is my sticks, two of them (Seimitsu and Sanwa). Which means the issue is probably with me. How am I fucking up...
  11. Spencer

    Input Errors moving forward and backwards

    I'm at wit's end... like quit this game and don't look back wit's end. I get weird input errors. I sometimes stop moving forward or backwards. It seems to be character independent. It seems to be intermittent (though increasingly so). It is always just forward and backwards. I have never...
  12. Spencer

    PW's Wheel disappears during MF Super

    Title Specifically during her j.hk animation. Not sure when or how often, but you can recreate it 100% of the time if you set Fortune to do Cat Scratch Fever as a reversal. Then do c.lk > c.mk > s.hp x fly > 3j.lk > 6j.lp uncombo 5j.hk. I didn't test to see if you could just do j.hk while...
  13. Spencer

    Painwheel Hatred Guard effect [bug]

    There have been a few cases when both the sound and graphical effect don't work. I don't have a real idea when it correlates, but possibly when you trigger a burst while armored? I'll try to pay more attention to details when it happens, but so far... that's all I've got.
  14. Spencer


    With headstart opening up tomorrow, anyone playing?
  15. Spencer

    Me bitching and moaning mostly

    Or maybe a training diary? Anyways: This is all pertaining to PW: Why am I so damn inconsistent. I'll do well one day, really feeling like I'm getting good at this game. Next day, I'm jumping in a corner trying desperately to fly. It's a fireball motion for fuck's sake... yet, here I am...
  16. Spencer

    Rise of Incarnates (PC 3d fighter)

    By the makers of Tekken. Looks more like Naruto than Soul Calibur. Could be worth a damn. Some gameplay:
  17. Spencer

    Art's Acrylic Sticks

    Has anyone used these? How are they? Do they hold up well? The price is perfect for a build, so I'm hoping they are solid. I am looking to dual mod a stick (as I'm hoping to pick up a PS3 soon). Does anyone have a temporary solution to get my xBox stick to work on a ps3? As far as fight...
  18. Spencer

    Metroidvania + 2d Fighting: Abyss Odyssey

    A PC Smash Bros-like fighting game? Yes please. Here is their utterly unhelpful website. Here is a RockPaperShotgun write up on it which has a bit more information (and gameplay videos) than the website. Finally, here is a good (though brief) summary of it. I like the company (They did the...
  19. Spencer

    PS3 PS3 purchase questions

    I think I can pick up a 12gb PS3 for about 150. I'm really thinking about it as I would like to join the FG community, and I am fairly limited on PC (Skullgirls, SSFIV:AE, and Melty Blood mostly). Some questions: First, is here a better deal than the above that anyone knows of? I've barely...
  20. Spencer

    Introduction to PW (a guide)

    So this was finished a while back, and I'm just now getting around to updating it. I'm not 100% happy with it, and it is fairly low quality, but it is definitely more work than I thought it would be! I do think it needs to be redone. Stuff has changed since it was made. That said, I'm not...