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  1. Nekro_Surge

    A Filias true Place

  2. Nekro_Surge

    USA [Oct 19, 2013] Versus Mayhem Vol.9 Skullgirls Team Tournament! (Walnut, California)

    Versus Mayhem Vol.9 October 19th at Super Arcade Skullgirls Team Tournament! Lets make more of an impact this time around guys! All So Cal players need to show up! Its Marvel 3, SSF4, and Skullgirls team tournament. IEBattlegrounds Invited the SG community! Registration: $10 Per Person $30...
  3. Nekro_Surge

    Valentine Gameplay Streams!

    For Valentine gameplay you guys can watch there streams and archives! Twitch.tv/Nekro_Surge Twitch.tv/Hopscawtch Twitch.tv/Duckator Who did I forget?
  4. Nekro_Surge

    USA [Sep 14 , 2013} Skullgirls Tournament at Super Arcade

    Skullgirls Tournament at Super Arcade! Sat Sep 14 #GGAC #SkullGirls #P4A So Cal Players show up and support the scene! I know there are a bunch of you and I really want you to make it out to this! Hope to see you there! :D It will be Squigly Edition, Mike Z is taking 3 ps3 setups and I will...