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  1. gllt

    Steam - Linux The Latest Updates Are Not on Linux; Annie Unavailable

    I use the linux port all of the time and I would very much not like it to be cancelled/dropped for any reason. I've been a linux user for a large chunk of my life, yeah it sucks being second class extremely often. I genuinely appreciate people making a fuss when needed. Thanks for bringing...
  2. gllt

    Can't train against DLC characters?

    If you have access to the endless beta in your steam library, you can train against DLC characters there. If you don't, or you're on console, I am not sure there is a way aside from buying them or trying them on someone else's machine that has them. Sorry, I hope someone else has a better answer!
  3. gllt

    [Apr 7, 2017] Northwest Majors 9 (Des Moines, WA)

    I'm coming in Friday at 12:39 AM and leave Monday at 12:15 AM. Registered for SG and Melty. That's the only flight I could get so.. uh, yup. Shout outs to @Midiman for making this possible at all, because he's the only reason I'm able to do this. For real.
  4. gllt

    Full Undizzy Sequences - Community Poll.

    I like the direction the changes take the game in.
  5. gllt

    Cerebella Combo Collection (Alliteration)

    Perfect! Thank you.
  6. gllt

    Cerebella Combo Collection (Alliteration)

    Neat, but can you do this with 1/2/3 meter on so we can see if you build a bar from atrain in the combo+excella ender or not?
  7. gllt

    Steam - Windows [How-To] Make Unsupported Gamepads/Fightsticks Working (Windows/Mac/Linux)

    Toodles Cthulhu PCBs in Linux TL;DR Guide Make sure you have root privileges or permission to use sudo. 1) Identify if the disconnect issue is your actual problem by checking dmesg -w while plugging in your controller. It should be obvious. You can run evtest if you're really not sure and you...
  8. gllt

    Scientist Documentation

    just play uptilt my guy
  9. gllt

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    I believe that got implemented?
  10. gllt

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    That existing doesn't make me like what I posted any better, if that's good enough of an answer. For anyone wondering.. I also wasn't calling out Fortune or even Duo vs Trio. Granted, Fortune DOES do it in 2v3 with a multihit assist and from doing her universal, easy, assist carrying combo...
  11. gllt

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    I prefer 150. It's a better game.
  12. gllt

    Why do people say Skullgirls is easy?

    To be frank, there are difficult things in this game. While the execution of combos at its basis can be easy in terms of simplified motions, chains, and so many links being quite lenient or having buffers, the beauty of SG is finding a combo that -you- can consistently perform. Even after...
  13. gllt

    Peacock Combo Thread

    I'm doing jLK1 adc jHK, not jLK delay jHK fwiw
  14. gllt

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    Upback jMK is strong vs certain heights for calling out air buttons/delay tech and easily converts into a combo or pretty strong pressure that you can fast fall out of.
  15. gllt

    Peacock Combo Thread

    I couldn't get jLK jHP to land as an instant overhead. Is there a timing or something I'm missing? My jHP kept whiffing. I'll go look into this some more.
  16. gllt

    Peacock Combo Thread

  17. gllt

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    I have jMK1 my Double lives on