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  1. trainedbydeath

    Administrative Welcome back to Skullheart!

    Why hello everyone I am excited to see the future of what is to come with SG and I know that we will all have an incredibly good mom hentai us time as we welcome Liam, our overlord, to the world. To know that as even as many years have gone by I still sit around with my friends in good faith on...
  2. trainedbydeath

    Happy birthday!~ -aaaaaaa-

    Happy birthday!~ -aaaaaaa-
  3. trainedbydeath


    It's been awhile, i've come to remember the past of old days and it seems like we all know what its like we all know that its like and we and you like haha it is what it is we have been through many years of all of this and i'm glad we have all been here from the start. 2013 to even now to 2021...
  4. trainedbydeath

    ah yes time to be weird

    dude why do they give us options to have bullets why are they bullets anwaylikewnytimeihitspace itgivesmeabullet help it wont stop jk i'm just kidding i'm sorry but i'm just testing out all these fun stuff on the thread how do I make the bullets go away They dont have comic sans in here. give...
  5. trainedbydeath

    ah yes time to be weird

    Alright shade I see how it is I swear it is not either or the boss baby ulll we in there duck needs to tell luna to ggo to bed vannilla chilli pepper in the house we in there /socks nick we blaisegod kazmer khaos muffins more like khaos emeralds my dude boss baby is the best one we have out...
  6. trainedbydeath

    ah yes time to be weird

    Hello I just made a post about a thing and I just wanted to go into here and type things that would make me happy because it's not totally like laturicalian why is he running nauralize though we will never know becuase my goodness pete's quickie zipper is literally his whole dong so as we can...
  7. trainedbydeath

    Steam - Windows DuckKingLive the Numero Second Tournament

    Hello! http://challonge.com/DuckKingLive2 https://www.twitch.tv/duckator TBD here coming at you with another tournament ran by your two lovable people @Duckator and @cloudKing211 Last tournament went alright but i'm sorry for all of those who saw it as a joke for I was dumb in trying to make...
  8. trainedbydeath

    Duckking Live The Redecking The Reducking Alpha Male

    TL;DR http://challonge.com/DuckKingLive 3/5 all the way Playing on beta PC only Don't change characters if you win (order/ assists are ok) NA only Don't play on wifi February 12, 2017 1:00 PM EST
  9. trainedbydeath

    Duckking Live The Redecking The Reducking Alpha Male

    Hello! I am here to let this thread know that duck is hosting with his boyyi yyi boi cloudkong the king kong and they hare hare have hareing that the tournament is tomorrow in the sometime in the afternoon and i'm making this thread because duck has full faith in my opprotunity to spell orreclty...
  10. trainedbydeath

    Satania question

    Hello! it is I yung tbd and I have had a question about a particular person in person within the anime and I think thaat this is something that a lot of people in the sg community has decided to be a well enough thought aabout question that maybe people out there would want to think about their...
  11. trainedbydeath

    Happy New Year

    Hello and I am requestiong to say that I am not lookign at my screen why i;'elks i'm spying this and as you can see my leteters are n't that amazmanig but am here to say to you all that in are in that this treahd to say to you guys that hppay bnew year! its it one zero two zzsszfjklds 20017...
  12. trainedbydeath

    Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

    I find that the game of MVCi will contain every able body in the barn (barn) if you can not hold true to the idea that tvc x sfctvx x x duck hold x marvh suepr hearoes. MVC3 has a good roster that everyone knows such as people like deadpool nad iron fists they are tops tiers characters and no...
  13. trainedbydeath

    Skullgirls Beta Aug 5th Patch Discussion

    Have Fukua clones cost health? Reduces amount of uptime for clones but makes it still viable if player can do it into conversion Slightly bigger risk as game moves on, still big reward on hit
  14. trainedbydeath

    USA Skullgirls Community Tour? (Discussion)

    So can we come to a consensus that Kai is and or was a pretty cool dude and not many people want to do a point system and we just want to play at these tournaments that sound fun. It's kind of interesting to see that everyone is seeing certain perspectives on how things are ran and done. There...
  15. trainedbydeath

    USA Skullgirls Community Tour? (Discussion)

    "So how's that community set of tournaments that everyone is willing to go to turni-" wow what's going on here and when did it become a man vs society type of thread
  16. trainedbydeath

    I'll think of a name later...something SG Life

    So it has been a long time since I have touched Skullheart and I definitely have a bad reputation with the moderators of the sections but I do say that there are times when I do "attempt" at making some decently nice things. I unfortunately do not know where to put this post for as said I do not...
  17. trainedbydeath

    Who Ya'll Like: Encore (& Knuckles) [Bimonthly, Tuesdays, 5pm PST]

    Hello I am a bad player that requires your strongest potions. Who would be willing to give me their strongest potions (play matches if like dolfin thinks it would be fun or whatever)
  18. trainedbydeath

    Robo-Fortune Combo Thread

  19. trainedbydeath

    USA [Dec 11, 2015] NEC 16 - Main Game & $1,000 Pot Bonus (King of Prussia, PA)

    All of you are cool and it was definitely a lot of fun hanging out with everyone. In the end it was worth the money to come down just to hang out
  20. trainedbydeath

    USA [Dec 11, 2015] NEC 16 - Main Game & $1,000 Pot Bonus (King of Prussia, PA)

    i still can't believe i did the thing where i almost left hirokuni at a local but instead did that to acfan while he ate his food