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  1. Dunk

    Guilty Gear Thread

    Seems like a risky move, especially since Granblue is also going to be a simplified game that has not been released yet. Forecasting the acceptance of this change will be difficult.
  2. Dunk

    One Piece

    I watched the TV special adventure in Nebulandia, it was not good. Next to no action and the plot took forever to get going.
  3. Dunk

    One Piece

  4. Dunk

    The Mortal Kombat Thread

    For AI fighting, Johnny Cage with 30 kombo and 30 reversal is extremely successful.
  5. Dunk

    The Mortal Kombat Thread

    The soul chests have the best loot, but that means pushing back the goal of unlocking another area. There is a recipe for souls in the forge. I'm running around using koins to clear out singular areas, I will get around to collecting heads at some point.
  6. Dunk

    Blazblue Cross Tag Battle.

    Based on how the news has been, it wouldn't surprise if the next announcement is at evo.
  7. Dunk

    The Mortal Kombat Thread

    Max came out with a video about the Krypt in regards to completing it.
  8. Dunk

    The Mortal Kombat Thread

    I was hoping for more MK characters over guest characters, but it is a great selection. Spent a couple of hours on MK and I am hooked. Started with Noob and he is very fun.
  9. Dunk

    Samurai Shodown

    She reminds me of Monster Hunter from MvCI, I like that. I am a little concerned about the release date so close to EVO, it makes me worry that maybe only three early top tier characters will be seen at the tourney.
  10. Dunk

    The Mortal Kombat Thread

    He annoyed me in MK9, but for now he is going to be my day 1 character.
  11. Dunk

    Blazblue Cross Tag Battle.

    I would guess Chaos Code, and considering the layout of the diamond shapes they might introduce ANOTHER series after that.
  12. Dunk

    Heroes of the Storm

    Article from Kotaku: https://kotaku.com/blizzard-abruptly-kills-heroes-of-the-storm-esports-le-1831103023 I don't want to be pessimistic, but that sounds like a death blow to the game and to the community surrounding it. I would give the game another year, but I doubt the player base is going...
  13. Dunk

    Tekken Thread? Sure, Why Not.

    Excited for Armor King. I'm hoping Julia gets a Jaycee costume.
  14. Dunk

    Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

    It would have to take a huge overhaul for me to get into Marvel again. I gave Infinite a fair shot, but in comparison to all other games in this very saturated genre it was not worth holding on to.
  15. Dunk


    I'm guessing this version has all DLC, anything new at this point is unlikely.
  16. Dunk

    Fighting EX Layer

    Both Pullum and Rosso has been added to the game today!
  17. Dunk

    Nintendo Switch

    The only thing I would recommend is not waiting until Black Friday, there would be no guarantee it will be available.
  18. Dunk

    Heroes of the Storm

    They did a good job, I can understand why they chose not to have fire and electricity around him since it would look like an active AOE damage effect.
  19. Dunk

    Soul Series

    #ProSkeleton This game has already met my expectations, looks great!
  20. Dunk

    Heroes of the Storm