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  1. RQ

    RQ's Wild Ride.

    Matches vs @LuxadeSwag
  2. RQ

    Guns n' Barrels - Double Combo Thread

    hi i made a double + hlnl corner combo that also use titan canuckle
  3. RQ

    RQ's Wild Ride.

    Thanks a ton @LuxadeSwag and @Sinclair ! i'll be sure to work on those things soon!
  4. RQ

    RQ's Wild Ride.

    Anytime you want! I'll send you a request rn. @Sinclair
  5. RQ

    RQ's Wild Ride.

    Since june (when I last posted in this thread) I've tried different characters and teams (I play 3's sometimes now). I have a hard time sticking to one team character bc they're all just so fun. Right now, i'm playing filia/fuk/para and fil/bella. My neutral game ain't too hot with anyone in the...
  6. RQ

    RQ's Wild Ride.

    TIME TO REVIVE MY DEAD THREAD Hey people, it's me again with more match videos
  7. RQ

    Skullgirls Team Building Thread

    Hi, I like parasoul, and I plan on maining her. Now who do I play her with? I'm pretty OK with playing everyone except for beo and val. Val just makes me uncomfortable idk. Anyway I have tried play parasoul with a lot of the others. Para/doubs This is probably what I play the most, I'm not...
  8. RQ

    What's in a Name?? History Behind YOUR Name!

    I used to like Lapfox a lot (he makes music) and he has many alias for the different genres he does and RQ is my favorite
  9. RQ

    Skullgirls Team Building Thread

    Hi. I have quite a few teams, but i'm not sure if i'm using the right assists for them(If that makes sesne) Main team: Eliza (H Osiris), Squigly (cHP) Sub Teams: Filia (Hairball HK), Painwheel (I don't remember the name but it's her assist only move) Peacock (BANG!), Double(H...
  10. RQ

    Personal vamp's art thread

  11. RQ

    Steam - Windows PC Master Race a.k.a. the Steam Matchmaking thread

    Skullheart User Name: RQ Steam Community ID Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198116251330/ Region: West Coast (NorCal) Main Character(s)/Team(s): Peacock (sorry)/ Filia / Fortune / Parasoul / Double Skill Level: beginner-intermediate
  12. RQ

    The Steven Universe Thread! [SPOILERS]

    This thread is wonderful
  13. RQ

    RQ's Wild Ride.

    Me vs Kyugetsuki A bud of mine uploaded it for me
  14. RQ

    RQ's Wild Ride.

    So i'll go to record but it stays one the replay screen. Anyone know how to fixthis?
  15. RQ

    RQ's Wild Ride.

    Hey, I hade a previous thread to which I announced that I quit in but I don't know where it went. I've gotten better, I think. In this thread i'll try to post videos but idk, OBS can be weird sometimes. Anyways, I play Peacock/Double, and Parasoul/Double
  16. RQ

    Changing your SH username

    Thanks a ton!
  17. RQ

    why the hecke isnt there a double thread

    I posted the thing that happened with OP and Kai to my tumblr