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  1. OldOnyxBones

    Skullgirls patch/build list

    Some of these are from the Endless Beta so they might not even exist anymore but these are the builds I'd personally want access to if archiving other builds than the current retail is a thing.
  2. OldOnyxBones

    Skullgirls patch/build list

    @Mike_Z said something about somebody providing dates for different builds/releases on Skullheart. I don't know if this the most useful format but I didn't see it anywhere so here's a "shorter than it could be" list of notable retail releases on Steam, dates, and links to patch notes from...
  3. OldOnyxBones

    War changes occasionally, aka The Fallout Thread

    It could be argued that the first two games favored diplosniper builds anyway. Didn’t really spend much time with FO3 for other reasons but strength never seemed like a huge in concern in the first or second game beyond weapon requirements. Meh, skill trees are often meant to be analogous to...
  4. OldOnyxBones

    Indivisible: Lab Zero's Action-RPG! (General Discussion)

    Will the the set of abilities available to incarnations or party members aside from Anja be customizable in any way? If so, will it be possible to gain access to all abilities or attacks in a single play through or will the player be required to choose between them each run?
  5. OldOnyxBones

    Street Fighter V

    Akuma wasn't in New Generation and I'm becoming increasingly doubtful he'll make it in to SFV's roster at launch. I'm guessing/hoping he'll be early DLC, but it's not impossible that we wont be seeing him for a while.
  6. OldOnyxBones

    What's your favorite fighting game series outside of Skullgirls?

    Art of Fighting but no Fatal Fury/Garou? Used to be Samurai Shodown/Spirits, but I haven’t realy played much of those games in years.
  7. OldOnyxBones

    Make your character broken with the least significant change(s) possible.

    Valentine -can cancel any grounded normal in to a backdash
  8. OldOnyxBones

    War changes occasionally, aka The Fallout Thread

    Apparently not anymore Fallout, Fallout 2, and Tactics seem to be available on GOG again. There's also currlently a sale going on Edit: Apparently they won’t be marked as purchased if you got them on GOG before but still show up in your library. In addition, the new versions don’t include...
  9. OldOnyxBones

    Indivisible: Lab Zero's Action-RPG! (General Discussion)

    So the game basically has an ATB system that incorporates different levels of actions. So, something along the lines of quick actions, standard actions, and full actions that consume appropriate amounts of a gauge that refills over time along with the possibility of free actions that cost...
  10. OldOnyxBones

    Changing your SH username

    May I have my name changed to "OldOnyxBones"? Don't think I've went by OnyxBones anywhere else, but have gone by that name or first two words.
  11. OldOnyxBones

    Marvel vs Capcom 2

    Speaking of Yipes, he's on stream playing MvC2 now if anyone's bored. http://www.twitch.tv/bluej251
  12. OldOnyxBones

    The Mortal Kombat Thread

    Congrats on both the championship and one of the most hilarious victories possible, @SonicFox5000 People really should tread lightly around you from now on...
  13. OldOnyxBones

    Guilty Gear Thread

    It claims to be the official twitter account of the “creators of the Guilty Gear & BlazBlue franchises.” Thought I’d seen reps parrot the “Atari 5200 version first” joke around other places, but I guess it could of easily been just the same person even if they do turn out to represent Arc in...
  14. OldOnyxBones

    Guilty Gear Thread

    Words and say quite a bit even beyond their intention.
  15. OldOnyxBones

    Peacock Older Peacock

    There’s older concept art that shows her in what looks like her later teens. I like evil older peacock better, but she’s also fine the way she is.
  16. OldOnyxBones

    Time to Boycott Indiana...

    A hardware store owner in Tennessee put up a sign that read “NO Gays ALLOWED”. The sign was replaced with one that he feels is “more nicer” after he was supposedly advised that the previous sign’s wording was too blunt but the intent is apparently the same. From what I understand, it’s not...
  17. OldOnyxBones

    Street Fighter V

    Least wanted to return Ken: Always found his design uninteresting. He’s the original shoto-clone and the one that the term has generally applied to most. Dan: Parody characters can wait. Seth: Kind of begs to be redesigned so might as well add a new character instead Rufus: Mostly the same...
  18. OldOnyxBones

    Skullgirls Team Building Thread

    Yeah, I didn’t even read yours correctly. Was thinking it was just making a whiffed tag safe for some reason. Uh.. I’m gonna try going back not commenting on characters I don’t really play...