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  1. Dr. Cheesesteak

    Steam - Windows Achievements not working?

    Thanks. Any idea why they decided to make it that way?
  2. Dr. Cheesesteak

    Steam - Windows Achievements not working?

    On Steam I have completed the Threads of Fate achievements, years ago, but apparently only for the base roster (it show's 8/14 progress, even though I have the achievement). However, for those base roster characters, I have none of their individual achievements for completing story mode. Is...
  3. Dr. Cheesesteak

    small breasts?

    small breasts?
  4. Dr. Cheesesteak

    Black Dahlia Alpha/Beta Gameplay Discussion Thread

    Count me as another who thinks her bullet/nade projectiles should not go away on her being hit.
  5. Dr. Cheesesteak

    New GGPO update is glitchy & laggy...just me...?

    I've only played a few matches, all against a buddy just 20ish miles away, but connection seemed fine to me.
  6. Dr. Cheesesteak

    USA Norcal Events Thread

    Nice, I'll forward this to another guy I know who plays SG. Not sure if either of us make it, but at least we'll know! :PUN:
  7. Dr. Cheesesteak

    Thanks =) Sorry, haven't got on these forums in a while!

    Thanks =) Sorry, haven't got on these forums in a while!
  8. Dr. Cheesesteak

    WaveDash [The E-Sports Fighter]

    Sounds like you understood my statement perfectly. But the point was that Brawlhalla just adds more competition for consumers/players for Icons.
  9. Dr. Cheesesteak

    Differentiating concepts between fighting games

    I was watching a video where Mike Z was listing off each SG fighter and how they were designed/inspired/similar to older/other fighting game concepts in terms of mechanics (not aesthetics). Majority were modeled after MvC2, some after Vamp Savior, a couple after GG. So, besides the fact that...
  10. Dr. Cheesesteak

    WaveDash [The E-Sports Fighter]

    And while a different level of complexity, same for Brawlhalla, which also has its own tourney circuit. Brawlout appears to be aspiring to be big in the tourney scene, but Steam stats show like 10 ppl play it... Granted, it's still in Early Access, but still. My biggest gripe was lack of...
  11. Dr. Cheesesteak

    Things I don't Understand

    Not to hijack your thread, OP, but what I wanna know is Squigly's "Stancel", does it stand for STANCE canceL or STance cANCEL??! Jk. Kinda. But I'm w/ you on the PB inconsistency (user error, probably), but I'm also wondering more about the (SG-exclusive?) PBGC. Here's a longer thread that...
  12. Dr. Cheesesteak

    General Beginner Q&A Thread!

    Good call, ty.
  13. Dr. Cheesesteak

    The Beginner Match Finder Thread!

    steam: saint311 (handle is Dr. Cheesesteak) - https://steamcommunity.com/id/saint311/ time zone: PST location: Sacramento, CA characters: Parasoul, Filia, Squigly, Robo Fortune, Painwheel - still deciding! goal: to improve, eventually be elite enough to consider going to tournaments (there's...
  14. Dr. Cheesesteak

    General Beginner Q&A Thread!

    Do you think it'd be a good idea to post here on these forums (not sure which subforum, maybe Beginner Forums) when I plan to host a Lobby for Beginners on West Coast? Or even just make it a scheduled weekly thing like every X-day at X-time and make a thread of it and bump it? That way, new...
  15. Dr. Cheesesteak

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hey all! New returning player here. I first bought SG on the PS3 when it first came out and fell in love. But I stopped playing, probably a few months after i bought it, eventually for a variety of reasons. It's funny how certain things and events in our lives lead us to where we are. Why am I...