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  1. CapnWTF

    Indivisible: Lab Zero's Action-RPG! (General Discussion)

    Hey...you guys...been a while. Just me. Good 'ol cap. I haven't read through the thread because it's 96 pages, but have we talked at all about ways to give this campaign more exposure? I feel like at the rate it's moving at indivisible might bite it, so I want to know some stuff you guys think...
  2. CapnWTF

    Street Fighter V

    if any Arika characters at all make it in my SKULLO DREAMS would come true.
  3. CapnWTF

    Street Fighter V

    no matter what happens I don't want seth to come back. Never before have I seen such a weak character design. This is coming from a Q main.
  4. CapnWTF

    Street Fighter V

    well, shit I didn't necessarily mean from 100% health but yeah if that happens you didn't have much chance anyway. And I didn't take into account the recoverable life, but it's not like that'll stop you from dying at low health. At above 30% HP then yeah you've got chances, but past that point...
  5. CapnWTF

    Street Fighter V

    I feel like the rest of my post was ignored. fair enough on reversals and no normal chip kills...that was a little rough though dime. But just because an argument has been made a lot doesn't make it valid. Normals do chip, making special moves chip kill for free I feel will put too much power...
  6. CapnWTF

    Street Fighter V

    yo~ if you want a reason for chip not to kill in this game, here's one: Everything does chip. If chip kills you could knockdown into meaty anything and they would just eat fist. On a personal note, I don't think chip should kill unless meter is expended simply because that's not fair mechanics...
  7. CapnWTF

    What the hell does taunt do?

    lol maybe it changes her "defense"
  8. CapnWTF

    Under Night In-Birth

    Gordeau is fucking retarded, yes. But I would say that Merkava is less braindead because if you read incorrectly you're going to eat damage. whereas gord is just...yeah. Akatsuki 4 lyfe tho. which brings me to my question: How do I get in? any long-armed characters just shit on my life...
  9. CapnWTF

    Under Night In-Birth

    Akatsuki Fite me.
  10. CapnWTF

    Project Annie...In Motion!

    WHEEEEEEEEEE vertex weights. I guess I'll see you next year when you're done.
  11. CapnWTF

    Street Fighter V

    Really stupid junk like...?
  12. CapnWTF

    The Super Best Friends Thread

    Isn't that Arcana Heart?
  13. CapnWTF

    Video Game Characters You HATE

    I never understood the omochao hate. omochao is cute too, it's only really annoying in games where he talks after you come near h--oh I remember now.
  14. CapnWTF

    Spotlight Be a Part of the Skullgirls Danisen League!

    360 user, maybe this will make me play it more(on xbox). I'm all for it!
  15. CapnWTF

    Administrative PSA: Big changes are coming to Skullheart!

    is one of the changes that you finally got sick of me? Cause I can't post anywhere lol.
  16. CapnWTF

    Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

    Not a big fan of korrasami. Feels like a slight cop-out/ poor writing to me. I mean you can go "I didn't think they'd do it!" But I'm just kinda like "why?" I mean her ending up with someone isn't even really neccessary for anything other than ships ahoy. That said I thoroughly enjoyed book 4...
  17. CapnWTF

    The Wulf Den

    hehehec*ckhound I'm (not) sorry
  18. CapnWTF

    The Mortal Kombat Thread

    You know what...
  19. CapnWTF

    The Mortal Kombat Thread

    MK having a stupid moe machine would be pretty great if done well. Something Meat levels of stupid.
  20. CapnWTF

    BIONICLE Thread (also Lego in general I guess)

    Y'all motherfuckers need Lewa quickfast.