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  1. karismatic_prik

    General Fanart Discussion (Potentially NSFW)

    Hooray I can post to this forum again
  2. karismatic_prik

    Awww you remembered. Thanks :)

    Awww you remembered. Thanks :)
  3. karismatic_prik

    General Fanart Discussion (Potentially NSFW)

    It's an Annie amiibo.....Aniibo....heh Look forward to using it... When Skullgirls gets on the Wii U... and when Annie gets into Skullgirls... and when Annie gets her own amiibo for Skullgirls on the Wii U... Deviantart link: http://karismaticprik.deviantart.com/art/Annie-Amiibo-590792272
  4. karismatic_prik

    General Fanart Discussion (Potentially NSFW)

    Annie fanart for you
  5. karismatic_prik

    Indivisible Art

    I meant to but I forgot (; ̄д ̄;)
  6. karismatic_prik

    The Super Best Friends Thread

    You'll lose many things watching the video.....I lost many things watching the video......
  7. karismatic_prik

    Wow so you're not a robot. Thanks for the Birthday wish.

    Wow so you're not a robot. Thanks for the Birthday wish.
  8. karismatic_prik

    Changing your SH username

    Can I get mine changed to karismatic_prik?
  9. karismatic_prik

    Project Annie...In Motion!

    The models look good, I'm pretty hyped for them :) If you're interested in a toon cell shader for blender I'd recommend this one http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/67827 I've also tried to implement my own toon shader. Here's the result. Let me now if you're interested in the shaders.
  10. karismatic_prik


    I have to admit, the show has gotten a lot better in season 2(specifically writing, acting and non action scene animation). I've seen some unofficial japanese dubs and I have to say they're pretty good too. Looking forward to the official release.
  11. karismatic_prik


    @Cellsai you're not the only one whose noticed and is bothered by the ice skating and solid poses. Hopefully it'll be better in season 2.
  12. karismatic_prik


    I'm also hoping for better writing. This and better voice acting. There are some bits of dialog and acting that bother me and I definately think they could do better. That being said, the season finale fight scene has got to be my favourite action sequence of the series.
  13. karismatic_prik

    Uh thanks?....I'm not that interesting though.

    Uh thanks?....I'm not that interesting though.
  14. karismatic_prik

    Canada [May 16, 2014] Toryuken 3 (Toronto, Ontario)

    I'm debating if I should show up to this thing. Is there anyway of getting a PC rig in there? If not is there anyone willing to lend me a stick?
  15. karismatic_prik

    Canada [Nov 15, 2014] Skullgirls Monthlies @ A&C World (Toronto, Ontario)

    Yea now I can use my keyboard in tournament :)