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  1. KiokuChan

    well... it's something

    I'm glad to hear you like it, and thank you very much! I also again appreciate the offer to help. I colored the last picture now! I have some cool markers that I used : ) that said I'm taking the pictures on an iphone... the colors look a bit odd on this. I can maybe try to scan things at some...
  2. KiokuChan

    Well, now I use a PS2 style controller : ) I still just play alone at this point though.

    Well, now I use a PS2 style controller : ) I still just play alone at this point though.
  3. KiokuChan

    well... it's something

    I'm glad you actually liked it for the most part. I think you are right that I don't know how to draw things that are turning or facing partially in a direction. Thank you for pointing it out. Handling depth, figuring out how things look from different angles, and having objects end up at decent...
  4. KiokuChan

    well... it's something

    Thank you very much! I didn't really expect that positive response, and do appreciate the criticism. You are right that Parasoul is too small. I'm really bad at controlling proportions and handling perspective.. hehe. Still, I'm glad you liked how Peacock turned out overall in that picture : )
  5. KiokuChan

    well... it's something

    Thank you both for the feedback and trying to help. Something I just thought of writting that people may find interesting, or may not. Part of the reason I like trying to draw characters in the style of different cartoons and movies and stuff (to the extent I can) isn't only because I'm afraid...
  6. KiokuChan

    well... it's something

    Thanks for all the responses. Fumako, thank you for carefully replying to everything I asked. : ) Not with SG characters, but I have tried something closer to typical chibi before. I was trying something different here, but I guess it didn't work. (I'm not saying the typical chibi style was...
  7. KiokuChan

    well... it's something

    Thanks for the response. It's neat to see different opinions. Glad you liked some of them. Also when you say the third one is pretty unholy do you mean because it's a cross between a Skull Girl's character and an MLP character or do you mean the drawing itself? I'm guessing the second, but just...
  8. KiokuChan

    well... it's something

    Well thanks for telling me and trying to explain. From the sounds of that I guess you hate DA. I haven't had trouble with it, but don't like social media in general. I avoid Face Book and Twitter and such so I'm guessing the feeling may be similar. Also I dislike shoujo as well. hehe. : ) (I...
  9. KiokuChan

    Squigly Discussion Thread

    I thought it was interesting how her story mode ended with you having use both her and Filia (who you may have started with). I also think Leviathan is awesome. I do have one question though. One of the quotes Leviathan can say during Daisy pusher confused me. I know the demon Leviathan can...
  10. KiokuChan

    well... it's something

    Well thank you for the feedback. I still do appreciate it. Sorry I made you want to drink, hehe. >_< Yes I do have a DA that I put them on. The top two I put on around the same time I posted here. I also put a lot of older stuff up recently.. so going through the main folder is very varied...
  11. KiokuChan

    Neat recap

    I've played through all the non-DLC character's story modes and Squiggly's so far. I've also read various things on the wiki. Despite this I feel like I not only feel I don't understand the full story (which I'm guessing is intended) but constantly am finding new things being discussed that I...
  12. KiokuChan

    Snopp's terrible art

    What do you mean? Artistically these look great!
  13. KiokuChan

    well... it's something

    I know it's NOT particularly good, but I'll still try to post any relevant art I make here : ) I have some pictures to start inside the spoiler tag! (Sorry I just noticed that before I typoed and missed the NOT. hehe >_< I make a lot of odd typos) Well.. it's probably not the worst...
  14. KiokuChan

    Personal The Hatrack

    You're art looks really cool. ^_^ I like the drawing of them aged. I also like how your first two drawings look like they're from a comic
  15. KiokuChan

    Personal Meow-Professor's Art Thread

    Cool, it's neat that you draw them in a fairly different style! It looks nice ^_^
  16. KiokuChan

    The Super Luigi Art Thread Super Show!

    Wow your fixes and edits look really polished!
  17. KiokuChan

    Personal Comics

    Some of these are funny but I unfortunately don't get a lot of them. It's likely my fault though.
  18. KiokuChan

    Let's talk about everyone's favorite toony cyborg: PEACOCK!

    All I need to say is she is awesome ;p Hn.. though if I'm going to say more my favorite quote of hers is probably "you're not bad you're just drawn badly" that is such a clever alteration of the most fitting cartoon reference possible.
  19. KiokuChan

    What Theme would You give the SG Cast?

    Neat idea ^_^ I don't have too many ideas though. Maybe this for Peacock:
  20. KiokuChan

    Thank you ^_^

    Thank you ^_^