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  1. Spellbound

    Indivisible: Lab Zero's Action-RPG! (General Discussion)

    I'm so excited for this game. Kudos Lab Zero for catering to my two favorite genres of video games XD
  2. Spellbound

    Music general discussion thread

    Lately i have been listening to alot of Dance Gavin Dance and Wagakki
  3. Spellbound

    Anime/Manga General Discussion

    I'm currently reading XXX~holic and Higurashi Currently watching The Devil Is A part Timer finally XD
  4. Spellbound

    Coca-cola With Lemonade: The Strangely Delicious Food Thread!

    I like Coca-Cola with a slice of orange.
  5. Spellbound

    Report Skullgirls PS4 To Support PS3 Arcade Sticks

    Thank you guys. This is really an amazing thing.
  6. Spellbound

    Report Eliza Releasing on PS3 and PC 9/30!

    So stoked, Eliza and P4U today XD
  7. Spellbound

    Show Your Fightstick

    I have that balltop in black. Mine cracked too.
  8. Spellbound

    What brings you back to SG?

    Because of the Egrets.
  9. Spellbound

    Cosplay Skullgirls general cosplay thread.

    Filia wouldnt be too expensive
  10. Spellbound

    Shin Megami Tensei and Persona

    P5, ps4, 2015. Be still my beating heart XD
  11. Spellbound

    Dead or Alive

    Very happy to see DOA5 going to PS4. Hopefully it attracts more people to take the game seriously.
  12. Spellbound


    Namco, please give us Haunter XD
  13. Spellbound

    Under Night In-Birth

    Im going to be importing this next week Eltnum <3
  14. Spellbound

    Show Your Fightstick

    My hitbox <3
  15. Spellbound

    Your Fighting Game Main Character History

    Here we go: MKT: Sindel/Mileena/Noob MK9: Mileena/Sonya Marvel 3: Trish/Doom/Phoenix P4A: Naoto/Liz/Aigis BBCP: Amane/NU-13 TTT2: Jun/Anna SCV: Viola SCII: Ivy Doa5u: Kasumi Injustice: Raven/Catwoman/Scorpion USFIV: Poison SFXT: Poison/Nina Skullgirls: Fukua/Filia
  16. Spellbound

    Project [Fan Made] Custom Palettes : (Requests Open)

    Not sure if this one has been posted, but... Fil La Fil ;D
  17. Spellbound

    SkullBats Encore: Revival

    I would but im at work :(
  18. Spellbound

    SkullBats Encore: Revival

    If this is going next friday, i can play on PSN PSN: SoftShocks