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  1. NoDice

    Upstaged! OFFICIAL NEW Squigly 240 Undizzy Combo Thread

    Not to mention that conditioning your opponent to an irregular/slower rhythm makes getting resets a little easier.
  2. NoDice

    Valentine Combo Thread

    Thanks for the advice, it's now a TOD (and I'll make sure to keep ground teching on for the future). Actual combo starts at 0:08 and the windows error sound is from the video itself. Sequence: Countervenom (hold up to ensure jump occurs as soon as possible) j.HP, j.HK, H Bypass...
  3. NoDice

    Valentine Combo Thread

    Was screwing around with Countervenom in the corner and almost managed to TOD with 3 bars, and it might actually be able to if optimized correctly. Suggestions for optimization are welcome.
  4. NoDice

    Valentine Worst Matchup Poll

    Is this assuming we have a Solo Val, or Val with (optimal) Assists? Just for clarification.
  5. NoDice

    Squigly Tag-In Visual Bug

    It's certainly interesting, though honestly up until this point I didn't even notice it. It kinda reminds me of the screen they show in Mega Man II when you choose a level.
  6. NoDice

    Skullgirls Team Building Thread

    Hi! I'm currently trying to run the following team: Valentine(cr.MK)/Squigly(Drag n' Bite / c.HP)/Big Band(???) (??? is Take the "A" Train M as of late, but was previously Beat Extend L) My issue here is that I've had a lot of success and fun with both Beat Extend L and Take the "A" Train M as...
  7. NoDice

    Squigly Tag-In Visual Bug

    You need to be viewing the video in HD at 60fps, but for one frame during Squigly's Tag-In there are two large pink bars that appear in the background and encompass a good portion of the screen for only one frame. I have no clue why this happens or if it could be exclusive to me, but I thought I...
  8. NoDice

    Valentine Tech Thread: Small/Big Tips & Strategy YOU Notice?

    Oh. You learn something new every day lol
  9. NoDice

    Valentine Tech Thread: Small/Big Tips & Strategy YOU Notice?

    Another thing I found - If you buffer your inputs (the timing is a little tight, which you can see as the hit-stun bar under Beowulf almost runs out), you can convert off of Dead Cross H with Savage Bypass H without a Counter-Hit on what I would presume to be the whole cast (though if a...
  10. NoDice

    Valentine Tech Thread: Small/Big Tips & Strategy YOU Notice?

    I'm new to the community so I don't know if this is anything new, but Valentine can cross-up an incoming Big Band or Double with c.HP. I haven't tested if Big Band can Timpani Drive out of this yet, but I'm going to assume he can.
  11. NoDice

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi, I'm NoDice and I've been playing Skullgirls for a while now (almost a year) but I've only just now made an account on here after I realized just how active these forums are. I'm in the process of trying to develop a comfortable team for myself but it just so happens that the two characters I...