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  1. Blues Canti

    Weird or Unusual headcanons

    Peacock is home-schooled, or should I say Lab-schooled. She hates it, tho, and made her last Lab-hired teachers dismiss. The scientists try and give her lessons when she's in a good mood. Stanley is the one she respects the most, because he's a shark with laser guns! How cool is that?! Stanley...
  2. Blues Canti

    Weird or Unusual headcanons

    Samson originally wanted to use Filia as a puppet for his own goals, but chose not to because Filia reminded him of Delilah. Alternatively, Delilah's is Filia's ancestor. (Isn't it canon that Filia still has the hairpin swords? And that Delilah is shown wielding them?) The SkullgirlS beta is its...
  3. Blues Canti

    Why is Parasoul disturbed by Robo-Fortune?

    It depends on who you're talking to, but usually, due to the way the characters were made, some people find them extremely creepy. From what I know, their face was made by capturing a real actor's, like with motion capture, except the process isn't exactly perfect and they sometimes look.. odd.
  4. Blues Canti

    Why is Parasoul disturbed by Robo-Fortune?

    It's canon video games don't exist in the Skullverse, so I call timeline shenanigans. Maybe she stole a Skullgirls game and the needed console from one of our timelines. ...maybe there's a timeline of our verse where Skullgirls is one of the first fighting games, pretty much this timeline's...
  5. Blues Canti

    Valentine Valentine personality analysis and speculations [contains spoilers]

    @Ravnulfr The thing is, while Double IS pretty mysterious, she does get some developement in Squigly's, Beowulf's and, mainly, really Eliza's stories. When you take these stories into account, our favorite nightmare-inducing lump of flesh becomes much more interesting, especially when you take...
  6. Blues Canti

    Valentine Valentine personality analysis and speculations [contains spoilers]

    Yeah, I guess Double might be one of the most interesting characters to analyze. Despite Double being a somewhat important character, we have little to no information about her... its.. whatever, "personality" despite having quite a spotlight in some of the DLC stories.
  7. Blues Canti

    Flaw I noticed with Samson position on Filia's head

    It might be official art in a way, but official =/= canon. COUGHFukuaCOUGH Even if we consider it canon, we don't exactly know Parasite biology and its limitations. Samson's mouth is known to be like a portal, Leviathan stretches as much as he wants to, let's not get into the bloody mess that is...
  8. Blues Canti

    Why is Parasoul disturbed by Robo-Fortune?

    Well. The Skullverse's technology does not seem very advanced - I'm basing this off the fact it was mentioned video games do not exist, and that the only computers we saw, in the Lab 8 stage, have CRT tv-like screens and take up a sizable amount of space, while Robo-Fortune is chrome and shiny...
  9. Blues Canti

    Which guest character would you like to see in Skullgirls?

    Ms.Fortune has a palette that references a anime character I like a lot : Black Rock Shooter, basically a black-haired, pale-skinned girl.. with a huge cannon. And to boot, if what I read was correct they will share the same voice actress in the Japanese arcade version of Skullgirls. I guess BRS...
  10. Blues Canti

    Squigly Squigly's fate speculation [spoilers]

    Yeah, Squigly will probably get support from Big Band/Illeum/Annie/whoever gets to be the newest creation of the ASG or self-proclaimed Skullgirl hunter no matter what happens. But, if she wants some actual rest, moving to another place is not foolproof. Who says Double won't follow her...
  11. Blues Canti

    Squigly Squigly's fate speculation [spoilers]

    So I just played through Squigly's story mode on Nightmare again because, and I realised something. I think everybody knows what happens in Squigly's story, but let's get reminded on what happened on the last Skullgirls. Dahlia crashes the party, Squigly gets headshotted, Selene turns into a...
  12. Blues Canti

    Tears in the Rain - Umbrella Discussion

    Maybe in the first example, Umbrella is just pissed at not being allowed to follow her sister on another adventure where Parasoul beats up baddies with pool balls, KFC combos and Sonic Boobs. In the second, she's a good mood for whatever reason. Maybe she dosen't like the "generic" Egrets and...
  13. Blues Canti

    Cremation vs a Skullgirl's Resurrection Abilities

    About the "Cremation is sinful, the dead will end up in Gehenna/whatever the Skullverse equivalent of hell is" thing, the Skull Heart appears to have come to the Skullverse quite long, long ago - if we go for the idea Double was around at the same time, she could've been the local equivalent of...
  14. Blues Canti

    What got you into skullgirls, and why are you staying?

    I came across Skullgirls' page on TVTropes when I was still using a toaster to go on Internet. Tought to myself "Eh, another panty fighter." Noticed a "The Dev Team tought of everything" section talking about IPS and other stuff, and decided to investigate further, especially after reading after...
  15. Blues Canti

    Eliza SPOILERS - Eliza Story Mode Discussion

    Alright, sorry for adding a post to a thread that's several months old.. it feels somewhat wrong even if I can't find rules against necroposting but I finally finished Eliza's story and, other than the fact she's a huge b the most evil character in the entire game, two things in particular stand...