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  1. RickoniX

    Strike Up the Band hitbox bug (maybe?)

    At specific heights when comboing some pairs characters Big Band's level 3 will not connect with both and one character will fall out, this is usually the assist but when testing it the point character did fall out; I only think this behaviour is a possible bug because one of the pairs is...
  2. RickoniX

    For streamers: How to display your inputs on stream

    I know it's less than timely but here you go https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8816545/padlight.7z
  3. RickoniX

    Trying to outsmart the Skullheart.

    The Skullheart is malicious, intelligent, and if not sapient, sentient. Everyone probably thinks they can outsmart it right up until they're the Skullgirl.
  4. RickoniX


    If you get knocked down make sure you tech away from the corner and if they keep doing resets mash super until they respect you
  5. RickoniX

    Tumbling run shortcut overlap

    I know HP HK gets battle butt but if you mess up the input you get tag instead which is really disastrous
  6. RickoniX

    Tumbling run shortcut overlap

    If you charge 4 and press 6 and two kicks you will immediately get a move, lk+mk and lk+hk both do run stop and mk+hk does kanchou, it would be nice if lk+hk were battle butt so each move had it's own shortcut
  7. RickoniX

    Team Popularity Database

    Valentine | H Savage Bypass Cerebella | Cerecopter Big Band | H Brass Knuckles
  8. RickoniX

    Taskbar button flash before match

    It would be nice if the taskbar tile for Skullgirls would flash when it asks for delay settings in a lobby; I have a tendency to alt tab out in all-play lobbies if I finish first and sometimes miss the sound.
  9. RickoniX

    The Big Band MP Song Thread

    I want to use the Saxophone solo from Tom Scott's cover of Jefferson Airplane's Today (also used in Pete Rock's T.R.O.Y.) but I am having a very hard time finding accurate notation for it. I found thisE Gb Ab Gb E Gb Gb Ab E Gb Gb Ab A Ab Gb Ab Db Aand it's accurate until the A flat on the...