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  1. klaww

    The Smash Bros Discussion Thread

    ah, my bad. I kinda stopped following any news after 3ds came out. :P my god does this game look pretty though.
  2. klaww

    The Smash Bros Discussion Thread

    1 KO in cruel smash? that's it? that seems like a stupid easy one. Gonna try to go unlock all these before a tournament saturday. Also, i don't remember, was Ness starting roster in 3ds? i didn't think he was. I didn't spoiler this cause he's starting roster in wii u.
  3. klaww

    Guilty Gear Thread

    http://wiki.4gamer.net/ggxrd/ clicky on the pictures to see command list and colors for each character! :D Also, I'm going to be getting digital JP version(so i'll have it and be playing late Dec. 3rd), and i'll be streaming while i'm dicking around in training room or story. So if anyone...
  4. klaww

    Binding of Isaac : After Rebirth

    The game didn't click for me with a keyboard but I figured why the hell not, it's free on ps4. I really fuggin love the game. I just beat mom for the first time tonight, and then was very close to beating the heart the run afterward. I've been streaming after work every day and really ahving a...
  5. klaww

    [Nov 15, 2014] Naptown Clutch 4 (Indianapolis, Indiana)

    This is not the Indianapolis monthly under a new name. It is the Indianapolis Yearly (hence the IV in the title) in November. So basically for this one, since it's larger than the usual, the capcom games get their own room, KI/MK get their own room, and then Anime/SG/KoF is another room...
  6. klaww

    The Wulf Den

    I've been rather losing interest in skullgirls. But damn i'd be lying if i didn't say there was a severe interest in maining THE MAN.
  7. klaww

    Skullgirls Indiegogo Backer Physical Rewards Discussion

    Have Mike do a share! :D (jk.) (but no do mine.)
  8. klaww

    Bayonetta thread? Bayonetta thread

    I just got it. Though I never played the first one, so I'm doing that first. only 5 years late to the party....With a Samus suit. ;D
  9. klaww

    Five Nights at Freddy's

    So lemme get this outta the way; I'm a little bitch. the trailer for the first one? I was scared to watch it. even the trailer was scary to me. This second trailer? seemed like a commercial for a bad action game. Also, since people are sharing why they didn't like the first one, I'll put in...
  10. klaww


    I second Joltik/Galvantula. One of my favorites. I really do hope we get some really unconventional ones. Like...not bipedal or humanoid. like Drifloon idfk.
  11. klaww

    Ask Ravidrath...!

    I dunno how serious he was when he passingly said this a long time ago, but is Mike still going to be doing the postcard sketches on request/if yes has the window to request that passed?
  12. klaww

    Skullgirls Indiegogo Backer Physical Rewards Discussion

    I'd post pictures but it's the same exact stuff you posted soo I was a Booster, so I'm waiting on the physical Cd and the unique postcard as well. also, the poster had some water damage along the side and some crinkling on one corner. :c sucks.
  13. klaww

    Video Game Horror

    I quite enjoy the game thus far.
  14. klaww

    The Smash Bros Discussion Thread

    Lil Mac is totally the new main. however, it is hard as shit to kill the hands with him, i think. I got to the hands without dying once on 9, but ended up on 4.5. EDIT: a question: how do you know you have all the stages? is there an ingame way or do i have to go look up a list and then...
  15. klaww

    The Smash Bros Discussion Thread

  16. klaww

    Hyrule Warriors [Name Now Final] - A Collaboration Between Nintendo and Tecmo Koei for Wii U

    I thought someone said earlier that the Volga/Wizzro DLC was out. I don't see it in the shop, and the characters aren't unlocked..
  17. klaww

    Hyrule Warriors [Name Now Final] - A Collaboration Between Nintendo and Tecmo Koei for Wii U

    I'm playing co op with my little brother, and I've only played Impa, Midna, Lana and Zelda. Really liked them all. I play Lana the most though. I...really enjoy the story. It's actually got me rather intrigued.
  18. klaww

    Bayonetta thread? Bayonetta thread

    Anyone else notice that the club nintendo bonus coins ends Oct 17, and the game doesn't come out for a week later? Bleh. On a different note I still haven't played Bayonetta, it was on my to-do list, but it being included with the 2, i'll play it soon as i get my hands on it.
  19. klaww

    Beowulf Thread: Retiring from Retirement