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  1. Witchfinder

    Webtoon thread

    Thank god, I thought the comic was toast cause of all that censorship BS.
  2. Witchfinder

    Webtoon thread

    Wasn't into the new art style but it's growing on me. Glad it kicked in in the nick of time for the "In A Moment's Time" scene, because that whole sequence was A+.
  3. Witchfinder

    Webtoon thread

    Hate to break the discussion chain, but I just wanted to say: The facial expressions in this comic are *Chef's kiss*
  4. Witchfinder

    General Fanart Discussion (Potentially NSFW)

    It warms my heart to see that this thread is still alive after all this time.
  5. Witchfinder

    Personal Comics

    It seems that most of the earlier links are broken. NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN!
  6. Witchfinder

    Let Her In (To Your Head) - The Fukua Thread

    Remind me to never play any games you program then.
  7. Witchfinder

    Spotlight Second Encore Upgrade Available On Steam 4/13

    Oh, thank god. All this money was burning a hole in my pocket.
  8. Witchfinder


    Uhh, guys. Obviously it would be some form of powerbomb, like a gutwrench or sitout powerbomb.
  9. Witchfinder

    Beowulf SPOILERS - Beowulf Story Mode and Other Lore

    I'm gonna be that douchebag and point out that for someone who's a supposed fanboy, you spelled Beowulf's name wrong.
  10. Witchfinder

    Weird or Unusual headcanons

    Considering this thread is called Weird or Unusual Headcanons, it sounds like you came to the wrong neighborhood, motherfucker.
  11. Witchfinder

    Diamond In The Rough: Cerebella!

    Pretty sure it's a commonly-held belief around her that every character should have more choices in clothing. Alas, that doesn't seem to be happening in the near or far future. Would love to see costumes like those posted, though. They be bitchin'.
  12. Witchfinder

    Personal Comics

    At this point, I'm rarely ever getting the joke, but just happy to see which girl appears this time.
  13. Witchfinder

    The Labmom -- Ileum Thread.

    She seems like the kind of woman to let the more aggressive parent punish, then visit you when you're sitting in your room, talk to you about right and wrong until you're beating the crap outta yourself.
  14. Witchfinder

    Personal Comics

    Meanwhile, Stonechimes be all like
  15. Witchfinder

    Personal Comics

    When I rule the world, you all will be the first to die.
  16. Witchfinder

    Why is Parasoul disturbed by Robo-Fortune?

    I also remember Radioactive Santa.
  17. Witchfinder

    Personal Crux draws craniumgirls

    You had me at Fukua.