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Future Projects?


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Jun 6, 2024
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Hello all, new member here! I've been playing Skullgirls since it was released on xbox 360. I currently also have it on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, It's easily one of my favorite fighters!
The amazing artwork / animation, original characters, dark atmosphere and just overall cool factor has kept me intrigued and coming back for more time and time again!

I'm curious about what other projects might be in the works. I do remember a while back where interest was expressed in developing a new Darkstalkers. That would be beyond amazing!
I've always felt that only Skullgirls really captured the dark yet colorful, adrenaline fueled, brutal and darkly comical magic of Darkstalkers.

I guess I say all of that to say this: What would be the chances of creating a fully animated Darkstalkers demo, that mimicked gameplay as a pitch to show what could be? Maybe use generic names like "Vampiress(morrigan) and Incubus(Demitri) and tweaked designs that capture the essence of what a modern iteration of the series could be?
I dunno, I think that it is an amazing series and to see it languish for so long and be relegated to "skin packs" is kind of a waste. If anyone were to do a modern sequel I can think of no better developers than the Skullgirls team to tackle the undertaking. Just an idea that's been floating around and kicking me in the side of the head for a while.

Anyways, that's all I got.
A lot have happened in the past few years, and the developer who expressed interest in working on a Darkstalkers game isn't working on Skullgirls anymore, so I think the chances of it happening are pretty slim.

The remnants of Lab Zero Games reformed under Future Club who worked on the new Season 1 DLC contents, but far as I have heard, they are now concentrating on working on an original IP. Hidden Variable Studio, the developers of the SG Mobile, also stepped in to help with ongoing development of SG 2nd Encore, but they are primarily a mobile game developer so I don't think that's gonna happen either, unless you are thinking of Darkstalkers Mobile. :P