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Hopes in Continuing the Eliza Rework


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Aug 11, 2021
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I feel that there isn't enough discussion about best girl in here so I will leave this here. I hope that if you watch it you enjoy and feel free to leave any and all criticism about it. My focus was an aim to make Eliza a more fun and interesting character, so if things seem a bit "broken" or "overpowered" then thats why. I feel for the most part though, these changes could be balanced in the current state of the game. K im done talking now, enjoy :ELI:



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Sep 4, 2013
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Squigly Eliza
Saw this on Reddit my guy. I LOVE the creativity! My views differ some but Honestly would be sick to see more ideas on various characters just to see what interesting things people come up with for the sake of discussion.

but i think being able to interact with or sacrifice the blood onscreen or Health (if no blood onscreen) for extra properties on her lacklustre assist style specials getting better holding extra P or K button would be nice. Wouldn’t clash w/any other commands either.

I hope there’s more discussion on eliza because blood just kinda sitting there seems a bit hollow not being able to further sacrifice/interact. kind of like umbrella puddles but different.

my biggest qualms are supers though. Right now Elizas one of the few characters who’s supers have almost no practical utility or use from neutral. primarily combo Enders. Something to provide more strategy & decisionmaking would be nice like hyper armour at startup (still no hitstop) or holding pp/kk on last hit of super to sacrifice health for extra effect. Atm nekhbet breaker is just outclassed by bite & gets knocked out the air easily. Wish it was more special instead of getting DP’d because of no hitstop…not even saying make invuln. Just give armour to keep w/her theme. Not to mention her being an anchor, DHC into bite just makes sense.

Not as much a big deal but still wish for speeding up s.hk & Boat startup. Been brought up some in the past as well. Hitting sekh with sweep can be a bit of a weird time rn or dealing w/tight peacock setups. s.hk been discussed a number of times. s.mp/Horus are for upclose. Elizas axe though slower is supposed to be at least useable midrange without big fuss.

for most part with Eliza that’s what comes to mind. Other than that she’s been coming along :) just feel like there’s still a tiny bit missing
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