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NPC Submissions Return for Future DLC?


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Nov 26, 2013
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Cerebella Beowulf Parasoul
Seeing the pass is right around the corner, along with a couple brand new stages, I was remembering the times when the game was still fundraising. I remember seeing that backers of certain amounts could submit character designs and pictures of themself to be implemented as guest NPCs.

What are the chances of this happening again? At the time I was too young to afford backing such an amount of money to reach that goal, and honestly would love a second chance. I also think it would be a great way to raise money for future content.

I personally would love to see more people represented in the game as NPCs, like Maximillian and Etika(may he rest in peace)
Hmm. I think the current circumstances compared to the circumstances when the IGG was launched are quite different, so in my opinion something like that happening now would be unlikely. It looks like the Skullgirls IP is getting regular revenue now from SGM which was sufficient to fund the development of Annie, and along with Season Pass sales would contribute to funding the other 3-4 characters. During the IGG, the team had not been paid for months, so they were in dire straits and needed quite a lot of money upfront, which was why they had to use attractive reward tiers in order to attract large contributions.

Not saying that it would be a bad idea but I'm not sure if the current devs would be willing to do this, given the logistics and time involved.