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Requesting assistance in compiling a List of current Skullgirls locals in US and Canada


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Feb 18, 2014
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New Jersey, United States
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As listed above, I am trying to make a list of current local events for Skullgirls in the US and Canada.

Please comment of any locals you can think of (Venue and/or regular location), especially ones that are trying to level up at SG.
Hey cloud,

so I got some offline locals that do happen but as said in the discord, not as often as you may think. but here are the ones I know in the US.

Juicy Monthlies

Usually takes place on Saturdays in Flordia with Turvon, Biceps, and a few others do over there. The scene in Florida is not as big for SG but still got some strong players that do show up when the event does take place.

Colorado FGC

There is a monthly that takes place there in Colorado with a decent amount of players showing up every month. Nobody notable from what I saw, but a good amount do show up

Mix Masters Offline

Mix Masters Offline tends to be on and off, in New York, but only seems like if Dekillsage or Munoz have the time or are in town. While it's a great place for players to come by, it's not as consistent outside of the online tournaments Sage hosts.

Caffeine Crash

This has been getting a push from Munoz and Sage on getting players to show up there to be the new local in New York. Its a great venue, and with more time I think it can be a good spot for locals. As you have seen when you were there, a great spot, and hoping for more players to show up.

and of course the one above regarding our locals down here in Socal. We get a good amount to come out, and we got pretty good players to show up and play (even some new players coming in through)

but that's all I got from keeping tabs on the SG scene in the US. If we want to talk about internationally, I have tabs on the international scene that do locals there.

If you want more info on the some of the scenes above, I can link you the discords so you can talk to them