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Umbrella BnBs to Help Learn the Character


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Sep 3, 2013
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Put together a few quick and simple BnBs now that Umbrella has pretty much all her tools. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to optimizing combos as she has a lot of different routes thanks to the hunger mechanic alone. This is my no means fully optimized and should serve as a starting point for learning the basics of the character. Due to how Umbrella's hunger mechanic works I find it better to learn a ton of routes and make combos on the fly with the purpose of ending at a certain hunger or reset point. It will take months before this character is fully realized so if you are just starting out don't worry to much about the best combo and just do what works for you.

Low Hunger Throw Combo - [Throw] (LP+LK)x5 236LP (Max Shake) 2HP jMP 5MP 5HP 214HK 9jHP 66 5LK 2MK 6HP 66 6LP 5MP 5HP (4)6MP 623MP+HP

Throw Combo With Puddle - [Throw] (4)6MP 5HP (4)6MP 5MK 2HP jHK 5MP 2HP jHP 236LP 6LP 5MP 2HP (2)8HP 623MP+HP

Starving BnB - 2LK 2MP 2HP (2)8HP 66 2HP jLP JMP 6LP 2HP jHK 5LK 2HP jHP 236LP 5MP 2HP (2)8HP 623MP+HP

Ravenous BnB - 2LK 2MP 5HP (4)6MP 2HP jLP JMP 5LK 2HP jHK 6LP 2HP jHP 236LP 5MP 2HP (2)8HP 623MP+HP

Overstuffed BnB - 2LK 2MP 2HK 236LP 2HP jMP 5MP 5HP 214HK 9jHP 66 5MK 6HP 214MK 66 2LK 6LP 5MK 6HP (4)6MP 623MP+HP

Feel free to discus other routes you think are easy or just tell me if you think there are ways to improve what is already here.
I will be adding more combos as I go that are more character specific but as I want this thread to be about combos that are simple I might make a new thread for the advanced combos. Let me know what you all think.

Found a much for consistent BnB for going into overstuffed. Does a little less damage but is much more consistent.
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Sep 8, 2013
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Very helpful videos. Umbrella is really freeform combowise, so these help a lot just knowing what the pieces of the puzzle can be.

I've got my own overstuffed BnB that deals similar damage to both of yours and I believe to be fairly easier.

2LK 2MP 2HK 236LP 5MP(2) 2HP jMP jHP (land) 214HK j9HK 2LK 2MK 6HP 214MK dash 2LP 5MP(2) 5HP [4]6MP 623PP

Does 8.3k with 2MP at the start, but I use 2MK in the video because I am not very smart. Damage varies depending on how many hits of jHK connect.

EDIT: Does 8 386 with some optimizations, by making sure that the first hit of jHK connects and using 6LP in the last chain.

EDIT 2: A better player could bring this to a consistent 8 423 by changing 2LK to 5LK and, most importantly, by making the dash 6LP very very short, so that the [4]6MP uses the puddle. Any further damage is character specific, some characters are taller in the 214HK bubble and can take and extra hit from jHK. I'd still recommend just going for the 8 386 variation, which is much easier.
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