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I love playing Black Dahlia, but her links are so tight!
it's worth it though, mouse trap is super cheap and helps with setup characters like my main man beowulf
After watching that early Marie combo video, in my opinion, Marie is basically an undead version of Orie with a vacuum and her skeletal Stand that shoots lasers like Black Dahlia is basically the Nine the Phantom with an arm gun and smaller breasts.
I have thought of a unique concept villain in video games with its design. That is in Shin Megami Tensei.
I always thought that the anime TV series for Skullgirls would be either rated TV-PG LV or TV-14 LV and that would be amazing. But it's gonna be rated TV-14 LV because of a ton of blood I witnessed on that Webtoon episode.
Good morning Cal, I’ve got your response on my post recently. Could I join your discord server?
Thanks, see you soon
Cerefortune is an amazing ship idc
I agree because Cerebella and Ms. Fortune are the only two characters who have best friends not yet playable and that's why I'm supporting them.
Can you please check your PM? Thank you/
I'd Just like to drop a statement that is clearly not Biased in the slightest but Peacock Is in fact the best.

That Is All.
Make ravenous tongue twister faster, as to punish people who are idling/sleeping or zoning.
Now that the Switch players have joined the Season 1 Pass period and beyond, we wait for the Xbox players to join so that we can get crossplay. But when Dahlia and Marie are released.
I got my new HDMI cord for my PC to play the PC version of Skullgirls on my new 4K TV to make it feel like I'm playing the PC version on console. But I'm not gonna go full blast just yet until either Black Dahlia is fully released or Marie hits Alpha.
just bought skullgirls 2 ( 2 days ago ) / such a dope game & glad to see an even dope(r?) / bigger community :)
nice 2 meet y'all (≧▽≦)/ - JB
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Welcome hopefully you have a lot of fun
Wow, I just dreamed of watching a Skullgirls cosplay show.
Speaking of Skullgirls in dreams, I randomly dreamed (back then, like around a few years ago) where Feng appears as a playable character in mobile even before Annie was announced.
That's amazing. I had the same dream as you of wanting Feng to be playable a while back, but I also dreamed of wanting both Feng and Minette to be in the game so that Cerebella and Ms. Fortune won't be alone in the roster and the hero and sidekick pair would be complete. We got Annie so Beowulf won't be alone and we got Umbrella so Parasoul won't be alone.
Now that Switch players are getting the update on January 3rd and the Xbox players are getting the new release early next year, I hope crossplay is implemented once they are released.
I’m very serious about the games internet services having issues after the devs sent the tweet involving that matter being fixed.
The servers are crashing and fucking up for a while after playing Skullgirls mobile tonight.
Let you know guys if anybody is playing the game on a phone because I can tell the errors repeatedly occur on story mode and daily events menu.