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    Win counter not updated till the beginning of next game.

    The wins stay at "2-2" for example when player 2 just won "2-3". It will update to 2-3 after selecting play again.
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    Suggested Eliza changes for next balancing cycle

    What if we gave Sekhmet Moroha mode? (+R ,A.B.A) It could also only be accessed after using Eliza's taunt and it cost two bars or something. She would be able to recover all the health loss from Sekhmet and get access to new specials like a Big Dp, a fireball, maybe even air dash. I know its a...
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    The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread

    Could the projectile dhcs like sbo and and lvl 3 robo Missiles stop locking out assist calls. If the lock out was removed there could be more dynamic combos and I would love to see what combos you could up with. For example, reflector lens dhc + Assist. If there's a good reason it's locked out...
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    Umbrella Alpha Gameplay Discussion Thread

    Could the input for the dp super be changed for more consistency? I think a lot of sg characters have their main reversal super qcf/qcb. The only character I can think of that might use a reversal dp input super is Filia. Most Filia players reversal with Gregor so I don't think sg players would...
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    (Updated April21) We Will [Not] Return! Defunct Squigly Wishlist Thread

    I would like something to indicate if she has a charge or not in neutral. Maybe keep Leviathan head on fire like at the end of getting a punch charge or having a purple highlight around her body or something. My reasoning would be it would be nice to not second guess if you or your opponent has...
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    Valentine Combo Thread

    7k ish comer combos, 9k with poison loaded