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  • Wow you are from Czech Republic? I was here last summer in Karlovy Vary. Why haven't you told me that? It's awesome state. I wish I lived here.
    Well, you've never asked.
    Really? I don't like it here... It's like living in hell...
    Our president is one big catastrophe.
    Haha yeah i saw him on video. He was totally drunk.
    Anyways I heard Czech language is very difficult language.
    Can you please translate those hings? (i want to see why it's so difficult)
    1. I like eating carrots.
    2. Hello, how are you?
    3. What are you saying?
    4. I'm happy you are here.
    5. How time is it?
    Uhm... Okay...?

    1. Rád jím mrkve.
    2. Ahoj, jak se máš?
    3. Co to říkáš?
    4. Jsem rád že tě tu mám.
    5. Kolik je hodin?

    It's really hard for English speaking people, because our R sounds different and we have letter Ř.
    If you are interested, you can watch some videos on YouTube.
    There is plenty of videos about Czech language.
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